A clearer way to straight teeth

There have been some amazing steps forward in dental treatments and techniques in the last 20 or so years, nowhere more so than in the area of braces.

It started in the 1980s, when film stars, models and royals suddenly started having super bright, sparkling, white smiles. If you watch movies from the 1970s and before, hardly anyone has perfect teeth.

Now you can have lovely teeth too, and the best treatment to start with is clear braces at Orpington Dental Care in Orpington.

Clear Braces in OrpingtonClear braces are great for sorting out overcrowded, gappy or crooked teeth. These problems are mild compared with problems with the bite, but they still make people so self-conscious that they cover up their smiles with their hands, or refuse to have their photo taken.

We offer two forms of clear braces in Orpington.


Invisalign invisible aligners are a series of incrementally different, very thin, clear plastic trays. They are 3D printed to fit your measurements precisely and fit snugly over your teeth to gradually guide them into a new position. You will probably need between 12 and 48 aligners, wearing each one until the teeth have moved, which takes about two weeks, before the next Invisalign tray gently moves them on again. The great thing about Invisalign, and what makes it so popular, is that the aligners can be removed. You take them out to clean them, and also to eat, drink, or even attend important business or social occasions. However, you must wear them for at least 20 hours a day to stay on track with your treatment.

Six Month Smiles

This brand of clear braces uses clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires that are fixed to the teeth to gently move them into a straighter position. This system is aimed at moving the front six ‘social’ teeth, and not for bite correction, which is why the average treatment time is only six months. The fact that this system uses translucent brackets and tooth-coloured wire means people have to be looking carefully to spot them.

Why not come in for a free consultation to find out which system of clear braces will work for you?