Are you kissing with confidence?

There’s nothing quite so likely to put the kibosh on a date than finally getting up close and personal with Mr or Mrs Gorgeous only to discover they don’t have very good dental hygiene.

They may be the most charming, witty and generous of dates but if, as you’ve gazed at them over coffee, cocktails, or even dinner, you’ve noticed that their teeth have that yellow build-up between them, and are stained, it could be a deal breaker. Your smile is top of the list of things people notice when they meet you for the first time.

Dental Hygiene in OrpingtonIt’s hard to kiss someone who hasn’t been taking care of their teeth. So, you shake hands instead and go back to the internet hoping for someone who pays attention to their dental hygiene in Orpington. Or maybe you have been the person no one can bring themselves to kiss. If it’s been so long since you had a good scale and polish that you’ve forgotten what clean teeth look like, take a long look in the mirror and see if you don’t need some help.

Disgust is a hardwired reaction to keep us away from things that might infect us, and grotty teeth can become breeding grounds of disease. It is almost impossible to over-ride the feeling of disgust, so deeply is it hardwired into our reactions.

Fortunately, good dental hygiene in Orpington is easy with us at Orpington Dental Care. Just book an appointment to get a good scale and polish and you can easily get rid of plaque and tartar where decay and gum disease-causing bacteria build up. This will do away with any bad breath associated with poor dental hygiene. If you haven’t had a scale and polish in a while, you might need more than one appointment. Then, to keep on top of it, you need to brush twice a day at home with a good fluoride toothpaste, and use floss and interdental brushes to clean between your teeth. Your check-up will flag up any remedial dentistry you need, and then you will be good to go back out into the world of smiling at people you don’t know and hopefully, this time, kissing a few of them too.