Discoloured teeth?

As the daily habits of drinking tea and coffee, smoking and even time itself take their toll, your teeth are usually the ones to bear the brunt of it all. Unfortunately, these habits can’t always go unnoticed, meaning that yellow or stained teeth might leave you feeling nervous about smiling or laughing. No one should have to feel afraid of showing off their teeth and if it starts to affect your confidence, you know that something has to be done.

Teeth Whitening in OrpingtonGetting your pearly whites back, though it may seem so, does not require magic. If you are unhappy with your discoloured teeth, cosmetic treatments like teeth whitening will have you smiling non-stop. This is used to enhance the appearance of your teeth and get your confidence back on track.

Brighter smiles

If you are considering teeth whitening in Orpington, then you might want to get to know the options you can choose from. At Orpington Dental, we offer two treatments that are both effective in brightening your smile.

Power whitening is done there and then in the dentist chair. After a protective barrier is used for your mouth and lips, a gel is placed onto your lips which is activated by the lamp light. Here, the bleaching process begins and after an hour, you will see your brand new white teeth. This is a quick and effective way to brighten your smile, and it means you can be prepared to laugh with confidence at any given moment.

Home whitening is a flexible alternative to suit you. You take a custom-made tray home with you, applying gel in a similar manner. You can then choose when you would like to use the tray, perhaps during the night or a few hours in the day. After a couple of weeks, your teeth will be a few shades brighter and your smile will be several times wider.

A shade that suits you

Whatever your choice of treatment, the result will hopefully be the same. By receiving teeth whitening treatment, you can grin without a worry in the world.  Drop into our surgery today and find out if you could benefit from this quick and easy treatment.