Keep it clean!

The root cause of all dental issues is not having clean teeth. It’s as simple as that. Clean teeth cannot decay or get gum disease. Yet, considering how simple this premise is, it’s amazing how hard it can be for some people to keep their teeth clean. That’s why at Orpington Dental we like to assist you with your dental hygiene in Orpington by offering you sessions with our dental hygienist.

Dental Hygiene in OrpingtonWhy do teeth need cleaning so much?

The thing with our bodies is that we are more of a city than a single organism. Our skin, hair, insides and our mouths are the home for millions of harmless and helpful organisms – and some that are not so helpful. Our mouths are home to harmless bacteria that feed on the sugars that get left behind when we have eaten or drunk something. The more they feed, the more they breed and in very little time at all, they start to build up on the teeth in a sticky layer known as dental plaque. If you eat something particularly sugary, you will soon feel the plaque growing in ridges across your teeth.

The bacteria give off acids that attack the teeth and gums. The acids eat into tooth enamel, creating holes through which decay-causing bacteria can enter, and that’s when you will need a filling.

The acids irritate the gums, which become inflamed and can start to bleed easily, such as when you brush your teeth. This is the beginnings of gum disease, which, if not treated, will go on to eat into the bone that holds the teeth in place. They can become loose and fall out.

Your part in dental hygiene

You need to remove the build-up of plaque twice a day, preferably with a soft-bristled brush and fluoride toothpaste. You can use dental floss and interdental brushes to get between the teeth and remove any bits of stuck food.

Twice a year, you need to come to the hygienist, who can get rid of any hardened plaque that you have missed. The hygienist can also show you more effective ways to brush your teeth.