Regain your confidence with teeth whitening in Orpington

A great smile is an asset, but not everyone is born with a set of bright, white teeth. In recent years, professional teeth whitening has become very popular, since it is a quick, effective and inexpensive way for people to brighten their smile. There are a variety of techniques to ensure that you can whiten your teeth safely. However, it is always advised to visit a cosmetic dentist.

At Orpington Dental Care, we offer power whitening and home whitening. Both methods are safe, tested and offer lasting results. Our experienced dentists will examine your teeth and help you determine which method is better for you, based on your individual needs and lifestyle.

Teeth Whitening in OrpingtonWhy do teeth become discoloured?

Regularly consuming certain highly-pigmented foods and drinks, such as berries, soy sauce, coffee, tea and soda, can cause discolouration over time. Luckily, these stains are surface stains, and can be easily removed with teeth whitening in Orpington. Forgetting to brush your teeth can also cause stains. Patients with poor oral hygiene see their teeth gradually become yellow and darken as cavities form as well.

However, the most natural cause of tooth discolouration is ageing. As we age, tooth enamel thins down and our teeth become more yellow and translucent. Finally, smoking and certain medications can also cause your teeth to darken over time. Most of these stains can be removed with teeth whitening. However, if you are pregnant or have sensitive teeth your dentist may recommend an alternative treatment.

Power whitening

Power teeth whitening is more immediate than home whitening, taking only about an hour in the dentist’s chair. Power teeth whitening uses a more powerful bleaching gel, which is activated by a special lamp, for the best of all whitening results. The gel is applied directly to your teeth and your dentist will be careful to protect your gums and soft tissue.

Home whitening

Home whitening, on the other hand, involves the use of customised bleaching trays, which are made for each patient in advance of the treatment. You will have to wear them along with bleaching gel for a few hours every day or while you sleep, for two weeks before you get the shade you want.