Replace your missing teeth

Do you have trouble eating or worry about your appearance due to missing teeth? If you have lost one or more teeth, then you may be experiencing a limited diet or feel that your smile is not as radiant as you would like. At Orpington Dental Care, we can help with tooth replacements in Orpington. Dental implants offer a great alternative to other procedures, enhancing your appearance and giving you confidence in your teeth. This can improve your self-esteem as well as making it easier to eat, speak and live life to the full.

dental-implants-orpingtonHow do implants work?

For many of our patients in Orpington, dental implants have proved a secure solution to missing teeth. Following an initial consultation, small metal screws are placed into the jaw in a minor operation. If the bones in your mouth are in very good condition, then the next stage can take place immediately. Otherwise, we allow time for the implants to become established. In either scenario, the tissues of the jaw meshes around the implants, stabilising them so that they will stay firmly in place. Crowns, bridges and dentures are fixed to the implants for a lasting restoration.

Long-term benefits

Having fully functioning teeth again not only enhances your look, it also means that you can eat a full range of food again. This has a great impact on your nutrition, improving your health well into the future. A further benefit is improved structure in the tissues of your jaw. This is because dental implants act in the same way as natural tooth roots. So, when you bite and chew, the pressure exerted stimulates the bone and blood vessels of the jaw. This strengthens them and prevents their degeneration, which can happen when there are gaps or after years of using traditional dentures. Having dental implants in Orpington is a lasting investment in your health and appearance.

You do not need to restrict your life any longer. Talk to our dedicated team today to find out how dental implants in Orpington can help you. Relish your favourite foods again and enjoy your smile with a long-lasting solution to missing teeth.