Replace your teeth the modern way

Stereotypical images can take a long time to die away, and one that hangs on longer than it needs to is that of the old person with a set of dentures that don’t really fit in their mouths, but when they take them out, they look sunken-faced. This image of old age is on the way out, thanks to dental implants in Orpington.

It’s not that there is no such thing as dentures anymore, it’s just that dental implants in Orpington from Orpington Dental Care are people’s first choice for replacing teeth these days, and small wonder.

Dental Implants in OrpingtonDental implants have been around since the 1980s, so they are way past their experimental stage and are now very much part of mainstream dentistry, so much so that people now losing their teeth see them as a first choice rather than something to aspire to that only the elite can have.

Dental implants are the only tooth replacement method that restores full functionality to the mouth. This means that they can chew as well as your original teeth, and allow you to speak clearly and use your smile as freely as you used to. All of these important functions are compromised in some way by the other two replacement options: dentures and fixed bridges.

Strong roots

The big advantage implants have is that they are fixed into the jawbone, replacing the root of the tooth as well as the crown. Dentures and bridges only replace the crown. This means that they cannot keep the jawbone in a strong healthy condition. Without something in it telling it it’s still in use, the jawbone quickly starts to dissolve itself and becomes noticeably smaller. If you have lost all your teeth, it will shrink all over. If not, it will shrink only in the places you have lost teeth. Either way, it will affect how you look. If you wear dentures, it is this shrinkage that causes them to become loose and ineffective in a relatively short space of time.

But with dental implants in Orpington, you can continue to eat, speak and smile as before. Come in for a consultation to find out more.