Replacement teeth that really work

Round about the age of 50, most of us have lost a tooth or two. If you are around that age and are about to lose a tooth, you may be dreading what happens next, especially if you think what happens next is a choice between dentures or a bridge.

dental-implants-in-OrpingtonThat may have been the case once, but for a while now it’s been possible to get dental implants in Orpington. If you have never heard of dental implants in Orpington before then you are in for a nice surprise, because these little beauties allow you to replace your teeth and then carry on pretty much as if nothing had happened. You can continue to eat whatever you want, talk and laugh with no fear of embarrassment, and you can even carry on with your same careful, twice-daily brushing and flossing routine.

That’s got to be a whole lot better than having teeth ground down to have a bridge fixed on to them, or fiddling around with a partial denture that can move around in your mouth and has to be taken out at night to be cleaned.

What exactly are dental implants?

What makes dental implants in Orpington different is that they are a replacement for the root of the tooth, whicha crown or crowns are fixed onto. The implant is a post or screw made of titanium. It is put into the jawbone once an artificial socket has been drilled.

Once in place the titanium sparks a growth explosion from the bone tissue and over the next few weeks the bone grows all over the implant. The result is thatthe implant is held in place as firmly as that tooth you lost.

And the crowns?

One dental implant a single crown, or a bridge of two or three crowns fixed onto it. These are hand-made by skilled technicians out of dental porcelain, which they size, shape and colour to match your own teeth. If you have a photo of the one you lost, they can use that to recreate it.

One thing’s for sure, no one will be able to tell it’s not a real tooth, and you too may even forget it’s not yours.