Screening- early mouth cancer prevention

Yes, the 6-month dental check up can be tedious at best but did you know that along with the checking teeth, we also perform a cancer screening as a routine part of our checkups? So, we are fighting mouth cancer Orpington everyday.

Symptoms to be aware of

Swelling or lumps with no obvious cause in either your neck or mouth, red or white patches or a change in texture are well-known signs of mouth cancer Orpington. It is also possible that there would be no visible growth at all, then the appearance of sudden ulcers that do not respond to treatment within 3 weeks. A pain, tension or discomfort in the throat or mouth, a persistent tickly cough which is unproductive are all symptoms to be aware of.

Sudden unexplained weight loss and persistent fatigue is a symptom universal to cancers and should not be ignored. Across all cancers early detection and intervention significantly improves the outcome.

The screening process is extremely simple and it is based on observation and skill of the practitioner. If there are any suspicious growths or lumps we would need to further observe them under magnification. Cancerous growths share similar properties, such as the colourings and their borders. If anything that warrants further investigation is found, you’ll be advised to follow it up with your physician. This is not a diagnosis but more of a precaution.

Procedures are non-interactive and quick.There is no reason not to engage in screening and we have included it free in our checkups. We like to think we are giving you one less thing to worry about.

I have a sore in my mouth, a sore lump or growth. What should I do?

It can be scary when you find anything lump based or unusual in your mouth and it’s easy to bury your head in the sand and see it all as insignificant. Particularly if you’re in the high-risk group of smokers or overweight, it’s very important to attend a screening.

Cancer Research UK recommends yearly screening for smokers but there is no harm in having a bi-yearly screen as part of your check-up. So, if you have a sore in your mouth that isn’t going away or have noticed a lump, please contact us.

As part of community dentistry, we don’t only see mouth cancer Orpington, but we see our screening as part of the dental service and giving back to the community which has supported our clinic for so many decades. Incorporating screening into dental services has been relatively simple and we are proud to be leading the way among local surgeries, Hopefully, in the future, some screening will be seen as a normal and universal part of everybody’s 6-months dental check-up.

If you have any concerns about oral cancers please feel free to get in contact with our clinic. We would be happy to advise you further or book you in for a screening. You can also get more guidance from the Mouth Cancer Federation; this can be an excellent source of reliable information but should not be seen as an alternative to professional screening.