Strictly teeth

Are you glued to Strictly every Saturday and Sunday like most of the rest of the nation? What bedazzles you the most? Is the moves? Is it the sequins and swirling skirts? Or is it those sparkling smiles? Dr Ranj Singh’s smile was a thing of wonder and beauty and got almost as much attention from the judges as his footwork.

Tooth Whitening in OrpingtonThey all commented at some point or other on the power of his wonderful, white smile, hammering home the message to millions of Strictly fans that your smile is just as important as your other messages.

Teeth whitening for winter

As we head into the depths of dark winter, your smile becomes even more of a beacon. As your most important non-verbal tool of communication, having it in top white form for winter helps it stand out in the darkness of the long nights and the dark winter clothes we all tend to favour.

Getting your teeth whitening is a cinch too. You can choose between 2 methods of whitening here at Orpington Dental Care, here in Orpington.

Power whitening

You can get your teeth lightened by several shades in around 60 minutes by coming into our dental practice and letting us do the whitening for you. As professionals, we can use more powerful whitening gels, using brands such as Enlighten and Zoom!. First of all, we use a colour chart to help you choose the right shade of white for your teeth, mouth and age. We protect your soft tissues (gums and lips) with plastic barriers. Then we paint the whitening gel onto your teeth. Then you relax while a UV lamp activates the gel and it gets going on your teeth.

At home whitening

This uses a milder gel, and you put it into mouth trays made to fit your teeth. Wearing them for a short period each day will lead to the shade that suits you in a couple of weeks or so.

Topping up

Whitening is not permanent so you will need to top up your whitening every several months, either by coming in for another session or by buying more gel to use in your bespoke gel trays.