There’s a hole in my smile

Every time you smile at someone you know they can see the gap in your teeth. This is a problem that you shouldn’t have to put up with and with advancements in dentistry you no longer have to.

dental-implants-orpingtonAt Orpington Dental Care in Orpington dental implants are provided in many forms. We provide a bespoke service for everyone who comes into the clinic. Even if your jaw itself has degraded we have the power to provide you a solution with our bone graft surgery.

If you are missing just one tooth, several teeth or every single tooth we have the experience and technology to help.

What is involved?

While there are obviously similarities in all procedure everyone has their own wants, and needs. Your treatment will be as individual as you are but we aim to provide the same result for everyone, that smile you’ve been missing and the freedom to eat what you want. So, if you live in Orpington,dental implants from Orpington Dental Care might be exactly what you’re looking for. Once your treatment is finished you may want to find a local bakery for some fresh crusty bread.

The treatment begins with a consultation with your dentist. We examine your teeth in minute detail, take X-rays, photographs and moulds. We also use state of the art computer modelling to show you your treatment path from start to smiley end.

Titanium implants are directly inserted into your jaw, and here’s the amazing part, your bone will naturally mesh with the implant forming a strong artificial root. The attachment is so strong that it may be possible to attach your entire set of teeth with as few as four little titanium screws.

Will the surgery hurt?

If you’re worried about discomfort or are a nervous patient in general, we understand and have ways to help. We offer a range of sedation and we have experienced staff on hand for administration.

I’m thinking about it…

If you want dental implants in Orpington feel free to contact us either by calling or chatting with someone on our website. We understand that it can be a big decision and we are ready to offer you our advice and full support.