Want to change your look in Orpington? Braces can help

Braces treat a wide range of dental issues: misalignment of the jaw, overbites, underbites, and crooked, crowded or gappy teeth. You may be referred for teeth straightening treatment if you have trouble speaking, chewing or clench or grind your teeth. Even gum disease can be caused by misaligned teeth.

However, there is another reason you may choose to wear braces in Orpington: your smile. Braces can also impact the look of your teeth and here at Orpington Dental Care, we offer cosmetic teeth straightening treatments to rejuvenate your smile.

Braces in OrpingtonWe use two different brace systems to provide an aesthetic enhancement to your smile.


The Invisalign system uses clear, plastic aligners to gradually move the teeth into their new positions. The aligners are like thin mouth guards that fit over the teeth and gums – no brackets and wires! Your smile is taken care of, even while you are undergoing treatment.

If you decide to go ahead with Invisalign, our dentist will take a 3D digital image of your teeth and gums and use this to create a virtual treatment plan. You will be able to see how your smile will look at the end of the treatment before it even starts. This information is then sent to the Invisalign technicians in the USA, who use it to create a series of up to 48 aligners. You wear each set for two weeks, then swap them for the next in the series, until your teeth are at their desired end positions.

Six Month Smiles

These braces really are effective in six months! They work only on the ‘social six’ front teeth that show when we smile, which is why they are so fast acting. They don’t correct the bite.

Six Month Smiles are made of clear and tooth-coloured brackets and wires, which means they are more discreet than traditional metal braces. They also use a low force to move the teeth and so discomfort is minimal.

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