Why choose our dental clinic to receive your dental treatment?

Our experienced dental team all understand that choosing a dental clinic can be extremely difficult, especially with such a wide range of options within the field of modern dentistry. Patients may choose our dentist to receive their general dentistry and white fillings in Orpington for a wide array of reasons, one of which may be due to our positive and upbeat approach to all forms of dentistry. Our highly skilled dental team takes pride in delivering a gentle and kind approach to all of our new, and pre-existing patients. Our clinic within Orpington has been established for more than twenty years, our high standard of dentistry attracts local patients due to our positive reputation within the local area.


A second perspective

Patient reviews are undeniably important for potential patients who may be considering visiting our dental clinic, this is why we display a wide range of patient reviews on our website, all of whom are happy with the dental treatment they have received. One example of our happy patient reviews is an individual who has received treatment from our principal dentist, thanking our team for enhancing her smile, therefore increasing her self-confidence!

Meet the team

The whole team at our clinic within Orpington are undeniably skilled at delivering a wide array of dental treatments, however our principal dentist could be argued as a key member of our dental team. Our principal dentist is Helen Loubster, she is a highly skilled dental professional who has completed further postgraduate study in cosmetic dentistry at the Eastman Dental School. In addition to Helen, we have other dentists, hygienists, dental nurses, and anaesthetists, as well as an excellent team of dental support staff.

Catering to all of our patients’ needs

At our dental clinic we offer general dentistry and white fillings in Orpington, we strongly believe that dental care should be available for everyone, no matter what the severity of their dental case, or their financial situation. Despite offering all of our patients high quality private dental care, we also understand that some of our younger patients may lean more towards dentistry under the National Health Service.

The general dentistry and white fillings in Orpington we offer our patients

Our clinic understands that general dentistry is just as important as cosmetic dental treatments. The general dentistry we offer our patients consists of emergency dental care, root canal therapy, and tooth extractions just to name a few! Aside from our general dental treatments, we also offer more discreet dentistry such as white fillings.

What are white fillings?

White fillings are essentially a form of dentistry that aims to fill cavities in the teeth, whilst maintaining a natural appearance. White fillings have the advantage of being able to attach to the side of the teeth, as well as matching the shade of the natural surrounding teeth. White fillings have risen greatly in popularity within recent years, and are now often chosen over traditional metal fillings, this may be due to the lack of mercury within white fillings.