Food! Glorious food!

Remember those little boys in Oliver! Singing about hot sausage and mustard, peas pudding and saveloys, and the joys of indigestion when you can eat what you like? That’s a bit how it can be if you have just lost one or more teeth, and, with them, your freedom of choice around eating.

dental-implants-in-orpingtonChewy food (toffees, steak), crunchy food (apples, carrots), gloopy foods (nut butters), bitty foods (seeds and nuts) – the list is long. Not being able to eat these things can be severely restrictive for some people. Fortunately, there’s a wonderful solution that can give you back your varied diet, and we have it on hand here at Orpington Dental Care in Orpington-dental implants!

In Orpington, dental implants allow a more varied diet than dentures and other artificial teeth because they replace the root as well as the crown of the tooth. The replacement root is a titanium post that we insert into the jawbone under local anaesthetic. Some anxious patients also choose to receive sedation during this procedure.

The implant becomes a stable and fixed feature in the jawbone, just like a natural root, over the following weeks to months. This is because the titanium from which it is made is able to fuse with bone tissue. When bone and post become one, it creates a stable chewing base. Also, because the titanium catalyses bone growth, the jawbone remains full and strong, and you can avoid sunken aged look often acquired by denture wearers as their jawbones lose density.

Once this integration period is completed, you can come back to us for the remaining part of your dental implants in Orpington. During this appointment, we will fit an abutment into the post. An abutment is an internal screw. It is onto this that your new artificial crown is fitted.

Your crowns are custom-made to blend in with your natural teeth. The material used is porcelain and this comes in a range of shades to match the colour of the surrounding teeth. Because tooth shape and size is also important, technicians are specially trained to hand craft teeth to match impressions or photographs of your natural teeth.

Come in for a consultation today to find out more about how dental implants in Orpington could brighten up your smile.

You choose how to get your teeth whitened

At Orpington Dental Care, teeth whitening is a very important treatment.

Tooth discolouration is a common problem for patients who have had poor dental hygiene. It is also caused by food staining (tea, coffee and smoking are often to blame), fluoride exposure, dental trauma, antibiotics and aging.

teeth-whitening-in-orpingtonHaving badly discoloured teeth can have a big impact on your confidence, causing you to cover your mouth and suppress your smiles. Many people are turning to teeth whitening to improve their smile and confidence, and despite the lure of cheap over-the-counter whitening kits, it is a procedure that is best followed under the guidance of a professional.

Teeth whitening is wrongly thought of as something you can do at home with a kit bought at the chemists. At Orpington Dental Care, we carry out teeth whitening using a system called Zoom! This system can be carried out in two ways. You can have a power whitening treatment at the dental clinic, or you can do it yourself at home with a kit supplied by us.

Good quality, long-lasting teeth whitening can take time. Once you have had an initial consultation with us to assess the condition of your teeth, we take impressions of your teeth, and from those make custom-fit trays in which to put the whitening gel. These trays ensure the maximum contact between tooth and gel, and minimise spillage, which is a common problem with off the shelf kits. We supply you with a teeth whitening gel to apply for two weeks, which should be long enough to see results, if you wear the trays for a few hours every day, or, preferably overnight.

If you would rather, we can do the teeth whitening here at the clinic. The advantages of a power whitening session is that it only takes an hour, so you get instant results rather than having to wait for a couple of weeks and maintain the discipline of doing the whitening yourself. Also, as dental professionals we are able to use a more concentrated gel. We protect your gums and lips before putting the trays over your teeth. The active ingredients in the gel are activated by a UV lamp. You then lie back and relax for an hour while the gel does its work.

If you would like to find out more about teeth whitening in Orpington, please drop in or call us. We love to talk about how our treatments can help you.

Invisalign versus Six Month Smiles braces in Orpington

Are you hesitant to straighten your teeth as an adult because you believe that the only option is metal braces? Healthy teeth can be treated for teeth straightening at any age. Treatment more commonly begins while a child is growing, but that doesn’t mean that adults can not enjoy the benefits of teeth straightening.

braces-in-orpingtonAt Orpington Dental in Orpington, our dentists offer discreet teeth straightening options designed for adults, who find the thought of noticeable metal braces unappealing. To help adults achieve more attractive smiles without the use of traditional braces, we offer Invisalign and Six Month Smiles braces.

What’s the difference?

The main difference between Invisalign and Six Month Smiles braces in Orpington is that the latter integrates a traditional clear bracket and elastic system into its design that helps your teeth move into their right position. Invisalign instead consists of a series of transparent, removable aligners, which gradually move teeth into place. Both treatments are more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing than metal braces.

In terms of treatment length, Six Month Smiles braces work much quicker than Invisalign, because they do not require as many visits to the dentist. Six Month Smiles braces are designed to correct moderate cosmetic issues in a short period of time. Six Month Smiles treatment targets only the teeth which are visible when you smile.

On the other hand, the Invisalign system has the ability to move the posterior teeth and fix a wider range of dental problems. Since the braces are removable, this allows you to maintain better oral hygiene without compromising your daily routine and comfort. Despite the fact that Invisalign aligners have to be worn at least 22 hours a day for guaranteed results, it may be the ideal solution for better oral health over a longer period of time.

Find out more

If you are an adult with crooked or misaligned teeth but do not want to wear braces to achieve straighter teeth, schedule a consultation with one of our dentists at Orpington Dental. Our dental practice offers both Invisalign and Six Month Smiles braces in Orpington.

There’s a hole in my smile

Every time you smile at someone you know they can see the gap in your teeth. This is a problem that you shouldn’t have to put up with and with advancements in dentistry you no longer have to.

dental-implants-orpingtonAt Orpington Dental Care in Orpington dental implants are provided in many forms. We provide a bespoke service for everyone who comes into the clinic. Even if your jaw itself has degraded we have the power to provide you a solution with our bone graft surgery.

If you are missing just one tooth, several teeth or every single tooth we have the experience and technology to help.

What is involved?

While there are obviously similarities in all procedure everyone has their own wants, and needs. Your treatment will be as individual as you are but we aim to provide the same result for everyone, that smile you’ve been missing and the freedom to eat what you want. So, if you live in Orpington,dental implants from Orpington Dental Care might be exactly what you’re looking for. Once your treatment is finished you may want to find a local bakery for some fresh crusty bread.

The treatment begins with a consultation with your dentist. We examine your teeth in minute detail, take X-rays, photographs and moulds. We also use state of the art computer modelling to show you your treatment path from start to smiley end.

Titanium implants are directly inserted into your jaw, and here’s the amazing part, your bone will naturally mesh with the implant forming a strong artificial root. The attachment is so strong that it may be possible to attach your entire set of teeth with as few as four little titanium screws.

Will the surgery hurt?

If you’re worried about discomfort or are a nervous patient in general, we understand and have ways to help. We offer a range of sedation and we have experienced staff on hand for administration.

I’m thinking about it…

If you want dental implants in Orpington feel free to contact us either by calling or chatting with someone on our website. We understand that it can be a big decision and we are ready to offer you our advice and full support.

Taking care of dental implants

One in four adults in the UK lose teeth. This may be down to an accident or doing something you shouldn’t, like opening a bottle with your teeth! However, most often tooth loss is due to bad dental hygiene. Luckily, due to the advancements in dental care you can have a second chance at the perfect smile!

dental-implants-in-orpingtonWhat is a dental implant and how are they fitted?

Dental implants can replace a lost tooth or even teeth and give you back your perfect smile. The implant is essentially a titanium screw that is embedded into your jawbone. The procedure is relatively simple and you shouldn’t feel any discomfort due to a local anaesthetic being administered. A small hole is then drilled into the jaw and the titanium screw fitted directly into this hole. The gum is then stitched around the screw. The gum and jawbone will then grow around the screw, creating new blood vessels and tissues fully integrating the screw. This creates a ‘false root’ which is strong and will not wobble. The healing period is around 3 to 5 months depending on the person. Once the rod is integrated a crown is then fitted onto the screw. The crown will match the colour of your teeth creating a completely natural look.

Although most dental clinics offer dental implants, it is always good to find a specialist in the area. If you are living in Orpington, dental implants couldn’t be easier as you have a clinic on your doorstep. Orpington Dental Care fits dental implants, dedicated in providing the best possible care for its patients. They offer a range of options to suit your budget including financial plans to fit your wallet.

After care!

After care of your ‘new’ tooth is also incredibly important. Much like a natural tooth an implant must be kept clean with good oral hygiene. Since food can get trapped around your crown it is possible for your gum to be infected so it’s important to create a good dental hygiene routine. Brushing effectively with a good brush, applying dental floss to all your teeth and using a good mouth rinse will take care of your implant as it does your natural teeth. Specialist dental floss and inter dental tooth brushes may also prove to be effective, your dentist or implantologist can advise you on the best routine.

What is the invisible secret in cosmetic orthodontics?

If it has been a while since you explored options for enhancing your smile then it may be time to pay a visit to Orpington Dental. We want to talk to you about the many options we have for getting you closer to the look you want.

invisalign-in-OrpingtonWhen it comes to teeth straightening, there is one treatment in particular that has now been used to treat over four million people. While we don’t want to keep it a secret, you could if you wanted to because it is so discreet. We offer Invisalign in Orpington to clients who want to align their teeth for good without compromising their look in the meantime.

How does Invisalign in Orpington work?

One of our team is waiting to go through the full process with you and show you just what Invisalign looks like. However, there is some general information we can tell you about it right now.

When you first decide to get Invisalign, your dentist will take an accurate picture of your mouth to allow your braces to be custom made for you. We send the details off to our partners and they send a set of aligners back to our clinic in Orpington. Invisalign ensure that your series of aligners will make the adjustments you want gently and slowly but in a shorter overall time than you might imagine.

Gradual movement

You take the aligners home and wear your first one for two weeks ensuring that you have it in place for a minimum of 22 hours per day. When you wear it, you might initially experience some mild discomfort. This is an inevitable part of moving teeth and it will subside. In the meantime, you can take painkillers to mitigate the effect if you wish to.

After the required interval, you can then swap this aligner for the next one in the series. Your teeth will have adapted to the first one by moving almost imperceptibly. The next one will cause them to move again. In this way, and with regular visits to the dentist, you will gradually move towards to the result you want.

Open the door to a new smile in Orpington

Maybe you always wanted the perfect white smile. Or your teeth have become more yellow over time. Or you are simply not content with the staining that results from drinking coffee, tea or smoking. Whatever your reason for desiring whiter teeth, it is now possible to achieve the perfect teeth whitening in Orpington through the treatments offered at Orpington Dental Care.

teeth-whitening-in-orpingtonJust like we all have different characteristics, people also have different tooth colour. Some people have more yellow teeth than others naturally, while others experience yellowing with aging. Generally, the optimal, most natural-looking tooth shade is always the one that equals the whiteness of the teeth and the whites of a person’s eye, but one’s natural tooth colour can be affected by many factors such as the natural aging process, the use of staining substances, the accumulation of plaque and tartar deposits as well as teeth trauma. Professional teeth whitening in Orpington can help you achieve a brighter and white smile.

What are the different procedures used to whiten teeth?

Teeth whitening in Orpington can be achieved in two ways: in-surgery whitening with laser technology and at-home bleaching with custom-made flexible plastic trays.

In each of these treatments, the technique and the duration of the treatment varies. If you opt for power teeth whitening in Orpington, then a protective barrier will be placed on your gums and lips followed by a bleaching gel on your teeth. The bleaching process will be activated as soon as the light source is positioned over your teeth. At Orpington Dental Care, power whitening is a non-invasive treatment which can produce great results in less than an hour.

On the other hand, at-home bleaching isa complete home teeth whitening system which involves taking impressions of your teeth so that custom-made trays can be created. These trays resemble very thin, clear gum shields which you can comfortably wear along with bleaching gel either awake or while sleeping. With his method, you can see results in approximately two weeks.

With Orpington Dental Care, teeth whitening in Orpington is only a step away. Book your appointment today and anticipate a brighter and whiter smile.

Providing all the dental care you need

Your teeth are important to you. Eating, chewing, smiling – these are just a few of the positive benefits we all gain from having a good state of oral health and taking care of our teeth. We understand and we pride ourselves on our wide range of services in general dentistry. Orpington Dental Care offers patients a great environment to address all their dental needs.

general-dentistry-treatmentWe want to make sure that you can smile with confidence all the time.

Services that come under general dentistry in Orpington Dental Care

The dentistry we offer is divided into four categories: preventive, general, cosmetic and cases where there are missing teeth.

Preventive dentistry

This includes our recommended six-monthly checkup. We check for healthy teeth and gums and address dental hygiene. This can also include advice on maintaining fresh breath. We pay special attention to and give tailored advice on sensitive teeth and children’s teeth. We can also offer support for smoking cessation and mouth cancer screening.

General dentistry

This can cover things such as root canal therapy, emergency dental care, jaw problems, snoring, extractions or oral surgery, facial aesthetics and our options for sedation. We can also see pregnant women and address their specific needs.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Our wide range of cosmetic services for you to choose from includes Six Month Smiles, Invisalign, Inman Aligner, white fillings, porcelain veneers, teeth whitening and inlays & onlays. We give you all the information you need to make the right choice for your look.

Missing Teeth

If you do have missing teeth there are plenty of options for you to consider such as crowns, bridges, dentures, denture stabilisation and dental implants. After an assessment, we can advise you on the options that are available to you and give you an idea of the advantages and challenges that come with each choice.

Why we want to be your choice for general dentistry in Orpington

We will build a relationship with you through your regular checkups and monitor you oral health to give you the right advice, the right treatments and a positive experience every time.

At Orpington Dental Care, we understand that patients need to be comfortable, well informed and supported to get the most out of their dental practice and we seek to meet those needs for everyone who comes to us.

Dental implants for denture stabilisation: a guide

If you are reading this whilst struggling with loose-fitting dentures, dental implants could bring an end to your denture woes. At Orpington Dental Care we recommend using implants to stabilise your dentures, to ensure you enjoy an excellent quality of life without any fear of your teeth slipping or sliding away.

dental-implants-orpingtonModern dentures are much more comfortable, realistic, and functional than their predecessors. However, a lot of denture-wearers still have to come back to visit their dentist on a semi-regular basis in order to have their dentures relined or otherwise adjusted, because they find that their false teeth that fitted so well in the beginning keep getting loose, unwieldy, and uncomfortable over time.

Loose dentures can cause all manner of problems. These include:

  • Difficulty eating anything but soft foods/liquids, restricting your diet and limiting your nutrition
  • Difficulty in speaking clearly
  • Hobbies such as singing becoming impossible
  • Constant fear of your teeth falling our devastating your self-esteem and putting an end to your social life
  • Never smiling in photographs because you think your teeth look obviously false/loose
  • Sore or bleeding gums caused by your dentures rubbing them

Dental implants can help with all of these issues and more. They are artificial titanium tooth roots that your dentist will place in direct contact with your jaw bone, using either local anaesthetic or conscious sedation here at our Orpington clinic.

Your dentures will be attached to abutments on top of your implants. Whilst you will still be able to remove your denture for cleaning if you wish, they will otherwise stay exactly where they should be, enabling you to eat what you like, speak clearly, smile, sing, and socialise with new-found confidence.

Dental implants also address other problems caused by shrinkage of the jaw bone. These include changes to your facial structure, lips, and skin around the face and jowls, all of which can give you a prematurely aged look.

With proper care, your dental implants and the dentures attached to them should last you for many years – often for the rest of your life.

Could dental implants be the perfect solution to your tooth loss?

With dental implants, a dentist has a realistic and permanent way to replace your missing teeth. Any dentist will always stress the importance of replacing missing teeth one way or another, for the sake of your general as well as your oral health. At Orpington Dental Care we believe that, more often than note, dental implants are the perfect solution to tooth loss.

dental-implants-orpingtonWhat are dental implants?

Dental implants are permanent replacements for the root portions of any lost teeth. They are small titanium screws or posts that your dentist will place directly into your jaw bone. After a healing period, which is typically about three months, permanent new teeth will be attached to abutments on top of your implants. These teeth may be a bridge, a denture, or crowns, depending on your individual clinical situation and personal preferences.

Why should I consider dental implants?

Implants do so much more than just holding your new teeth firmly in place. Of course, this is important; it enables you to eat whatever you choose – even the occasional juicy steak or chewy potato skin – without the worry that your teeth won’t be up to the job. It’s also important in terms of both speech and self-confidence; slippy, loose dentures can play havoc with your self-esteem.

But because they are supportive of bone growth, dental implants don’t just alleviate these common denture woes. They also help to preserve the structure of your face, as bone resorbtion can change your entire facial appearance and cause premature sagging of the skin.

How do I get dental implants?

Come into our Orpington clinic for an implant consultation, and your dentist will conduct a thorough clinical assessment, using CT scans and/or x-rays to help with diagnosis and planning. If you have oral health concerns such as periodontal disease, these will be treated before your implants are placed, to maximise their chances of success.

At our Orpington dental practice we can place dental implants under either local anaesthetic or sedation. Once your implants have integrated with your jaw bone, your dentist will attach your permanent new teeth – crowns, a bridge, or dentures – on top.