Everything you need to know about dental implants

If you’ve found this article, it is likely that you don’t know much about dental implants Orpington. You might have some basic knowledge, but you’re unsure if they are the right treatment for you, or if you even qualify for them. Here at Orpington Dental, we believe in helping everyone to the best of our ability. No matter how many teeth you’re missing or the reasons behind why, our implants can get you on the path to the smile you deserve!


In this short article, we’d like to introduce you to dental implants Orpington and explain the treatment process, how they work and all the benefits you have to look forward to.

Do I need them?

If you’ve lost one or more of your teeth, you have probably been introduced to other choices of tooth replacement. These include crowns, bridges and dentures, but they are not your only options! There are many reasons why you might have lost your teeth. Maybe you were in an accident, experienced an injury or suffered from some other trauma. You might also have lost your teeth due to your age, lifestyle habits or other dental problems such as gum disease, but dental implants Orpington don’t care about the reason, just about getting that bright smile back for you and giving you back the confidence you need. That’s right, we understand that losing your teeth can impact every aspect of your life. If you’re smiling less due to feeling self-conscious, there is a chance that the impression you make on people might not be as positive as you need it to be. Smiling can make someone happier and have an overall positive effect on every part of your life, from your personal relationships, to social engagements and even work.

The process

If you’ve just lost one tooth, the process is considerably straightforward. You’ll first be brought in for a wellness check-up, where we will discuss your dental history at length and thoroughly examine your gums, jaws and teeth to make sure it is safe to go ahead with the installation. The metal screw will be drilled into your jaw, acting like the root for your artificial tooth. This method of installation will also allow for maximum stability and sturdiness. The screw will fuse with your bone and become a natural part of your jaw before the artificial tooth is placed on top.

When you are missing multiple teeth, you might already have a denture in place. By changing this to an implant, you are able to replace multiple missing teeth with just one screw installed in your jaw. Although it depends on how well and fast the healing process can take place, as well as how healthy your gums and jaw are, it is possible to have your artificial teeth or ‘abutment’ placed on the same day as the metal screw.

The benefits

There are many benefits to our implants, but the most popular one is how much they look like real teeth. We’ll match the shape and shade of the artificial tooth to the healthy teeth surrounding it, meaning that you can smile with confidence knowing that nobody is aware of your implants.

In the same way, the implants are made to work and act exactly like your real teeth. You’ll have to take care of them as you would your other teeth, meaning that over time, you might even forget that they aren’t real yourself! Finally, having the implants installed can support your facial structure and stimulate new bone and tissue growth, in the areas where they might have deteriorated from the lack of tooth.

Natural-looking teeth with white fillings, Orpington

Everybody would love to go through life without the need to receive common dental treatments that are used to repair or rebuild the teeth, here, we at Orpington Dental are referring to the use of fillings. The main issue many of us have with fillings is the way they look once they have been inserted into the mouth, as the commonly used fillings have a metallic look to them that many of us consider unsightly.

You may be someone who has several fillings throughout your mouth, who wishes they could be replaced with something that allows the teeth to appear more natural. You might be someone who has a desire to achieve clean looking, white teeth, but you see your metallic fillings as a barrier to gaining the teeth you desire.

The good news is that for those who want to make a change that will help them achieve the white teeth they are seeking you can now have your metallic-looking fillings replaced by our dentist with white fillings, Orpington. These fillings will help to recreate the natural look of your teeth and make them appear clean and white once again.

Your fillings should look the way you want them to

Just because you have had to have a small amount of restoration work carried out on your teeth in the form of having them filled, it does not have to mean that you need to live with an image of your teeth that you are not one hundred per cent happy to own. White fillings, Orpington, could change this for you and give you teeth that you find attractive when you look at them in a mirror.

The process needed to create the look of your teeth you are seeking is relatively simple and is almost the same as the one used to apply your original fillings, only this time we are removing the metallic looking filling instead of part of your tooth.

Then the new white looking filling is inserted by our dental professional, giving you back the natural look to your teeth that you once had and loved.

Just as strong

While this new form of filling may appear to be more cosmetic in nature, you can be assured that they are just as strong as the fillings you may have received in the past. With the correct care, these fillings will last you an entire lifetime and stay looking clean and white, just keep them clean using regular brushing and flossing, the way you should do with the rest of your teeth.

Making you feel more confident

The human mind is an extremely delicate thing, and it does not take much to knock it, making someone lose confidence in their own self-image. One of the common issues that causes someone to suffer from low self-esteem is the look of their mouth due to the look of their teeth.

If someone can boost their self-esteem and feel better about their self-image by having a cosmetic treatment such as white fillings, Orpington, then they should be encouraged to gain these benefits if they possibly can. If you are one of these people, then the only person you should consider is yourself, as having a treatment such as this really is only about your happiness.

If you have always been self-conscious about your smile and feel like your teeth could be improved, there are dental treatments that are available to help.

Trust teeth whitening in Orpington for a noticeably brighter smile

Brighten up your life

Smile, and the whole world smiles with you. This is something that we believe here at Orpington Dental, although we also understand that some may need teeth whitening Orpington as they may find smiling and exposing their teeth to be embarrassing due to having visible marks, stains or yellowed enamel.

Having dental staining is not uncommon in the slightest, and our highly proficient team of cosmetic professionals can help treat anyone who needs it.

What is cosmetic whitening?

Increasing numbers of patients of all ages are getting in touch with us at Orpington Dental to discuss their options for teeth whitening Orpington.

Of all the cosmetic dental treatments that we offer, teeth whitening is by far one of our most popular because of its non-invasive nature and the fact that visible results can be achieved in just one sitting, depending on the type of teeth whitening a patient chooses.

By using a hydrogen peroxide whitening gel and a custom-made dental retainer, we can visibly brighten the shade of your enamel (outermost layer of the tooth) either within our practice in one sitting or from home through one of our at-home kits.

What can cosmetic whitening help with?

There are a great number of causes for dental staining, which is why the first thing we do here at Orpington Dental is work out the type of staining that each patient has so that we can determine which form of teeth whitening Orpington is suitable for them.

Intrinsic staining is when the inside of your tooth has become faded or grey – either through dental trauma, certain medications or ageing – and typically requires more extensive dental treatments to solve than cosmetic whitenings such as veneers or crowns.

Extrinsic staining is the most common form of dental staining, which occurs when the outermost layer of your teeth are stained, yellowed or discoloured. As this form of staining only primarily affects the visible layer of the tooth, they are far easier to treat through traditional cosmetic whitening means.

Extrinsic stains can be caused by long-term lifestyle choices or habits such as smoking or favouring dark-coloured drinks like red wine, cola or black coffees or teas. Additionally, ageing can also cause your enamel to become duller or yellow in colour.

How can I get teeth whitening?

Getting teeth-whitening treatment from us at Orpington Dental is a quick and easy process that begins with a consultation appointment to allow us to assess the type of staining you have. When treating extrinsic stains, we can offer patients two options – power whitening and home whitening.

Power whitening is a great option for patients who seek immediate results as it can achieve a visibly brighter smile in just an hour. We carry out the whitening process at our practice, using a protective gum shield, a whitening gel and a UV lamp to speed up the whitening.

Home whitening involves making a custom-fitting gum shield for patients to take home with them and placing a whitening gel into the shield periodically over two weeks or more for gradually building results.

Going the extra mile and focussing on your dental hygiene Orpington

The twice daily regime

From being a toddler through to being an adult in later years, the oral hygiene routine should continue to take place. Whilst our parents and guardians introduce us to the task, as time develops and we mature, our oral hygiene process becomes a solo responsibility. Although this is a natural development within our lives, are you certain that your oral hygiene regime is on top form? Or has it declined over the years as the daily chore goes on and on?

As life gets busier or our minds wander, the minimum three minute clean with a manual toothbrush may become two or one minute, with a quick rinse of mouthwash. The plaque surrounding the teeth and gums is not shifted away as effectively as it once was and tooth decay along with gingivitis can soon set in. Although at first a little yellowing around the teeth or a little blood within the spit may seem inconsequential, over time the damage can become more severe and lead to oral health problems such as tooth loss.

Luckily, our dental team has your best interests at heart and your dental hygiene Orpington is never far from our minds. Regular check-up appointments with our dentist are one thing but how about a regular check on your dental hygiene Orpington?

Avoiding the odour to your breath

One of the more common and noticeable signs of a declining dental hygiene Orpington regime is the odour which can begin to present itself. Whether it be from years of bad habits such as smoking and drinking, a single meal filled with too much garlic or onion, or the result of a quick brush on a daily basis rather than a full clean. Having bad breath can begin to impact your life quite significantly and is easily avoided with a good oral hygiene process in place.

Putting your dental education into action

When visiting our dental hygienist, which in most cases will have been recommended or referred by our dentist, you will be putting your oral health into safe hands. Not only will time be spent cleaning and removing the build-up of plaque around the teeth, but an education will begin to ensure that you are giving your oral health the best care possible.

So, what is meant by a dental education?

Whilst we do not want every patient to gain a degree in how to keep their oral hygiene at the highest level, understanding the effectiveness of certain brushing techniques, what products to use or not use and which toothbrushes are most effective will be covered. As sonic and electronic toothbrushes come into play it helps our dental hygienist to teach you about when too much pressure is applied to the teeth, or how circular motions are more beneficial than left to right scrubbing. Whilst it all may seem a little mundane, the teeth, mouth and gums which go through a rigorous process everyday will reap the benefits and your oral health will continue to be maintained to the highest level.

How much do you know about cosmetic dentistry?

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your teeth you may be looking for a solution, but could be unsure of the best treatments for your current dental issues. You’ll be happy to know that with the help of an experienced dental team like ours at Orpington Dental, we will be able to offer you the best dental treatments in cosmetic dentistry in order for you to achieve your desired outcome. So if you are based in Orpington and would like further information as to what we can offer you as a patient, you are more than welcome to visit our surgery..

Why you should choose us

Providing exceptional dental treatments and services to our patients for over 20 years, at our practice our main focus is to help our patients on their journey to achieving a healthy mouth, whether through specific dental treatments or routine dental appointments. Led by our principal dentist Helen Loubser, our practice comprises an experienced team of dentists, hygienists, dental nurses and receptionists who all work together cohesively to ensure that your experience with us from start to finish is a positive one. 

Cosmetic dentistry at Orpington Dental

Cosmetic dentistry is the area of dentistry which focuses on using dental treatments to improve the appearance of your teeth and smile. We offer a variety of cosmetic dental treatments such as veneers, white fillings, inlays and onlays. However, if you are concerned about the whiteness of your teeth, or have noticed that your teeth are stained and want to remove this discolouration, you may want to consider tooth whitening Orpington.

Your journey to a brighter smile

Tooth whitening Orpington is the perfect solution for those who would like to achieve a whiter and brighter smile. At our dental practice, we offer two types of tooth whitening Orpington to our patients.

The first option is power whitening. Power whitening is a popular choice for those who would like instant results in preparation for an important event such as a wedding or a photo shoot and requires you to have your teeth whitened at our practice. For this procedure, a barrier will be placed on your gum and lips for protection and a gel applied on your teeth. Our dentist will then position a lamp over your teeth. The lamp activates the bleaching process and you will notice after an hour your teeth will look a few shades brighter.

If you would like to whiten your teeth more gradually over a period of time, you may want to try home whitening. For this process, we will provide you with custom-made plastic mouth trays that will be designed to fit comfortably over your teeth. We will also provide you with a whitening gel that you will be required to apply inside the tray. Once you wear the trays the gel will transfer onto your teeth. You can wear the trays overnight whilst you sleep or for a few hours during the day and you should start to see results after two weeks of wearing them.

Screening- early mouth cancer prevention

Yes, the 6-month dental check up can be tedious at best but did you know that along with the checking teeth, we also perform a cancer screening as a routine part of our checkups? So, we are fighting mouth cancer Orpington everyday.

Symptoms to be aware of

Swelling or lumps with no obvious cause in either your neck or mouth, red or white patches or a change in texture are well-known signs of mouth cancer Orpington. It is also possible that there would be no visible growth at all, then the appearance of sudden ulcers that do not respond to treatment within 3 weeks. A pain, tension or discomfort in the throat or mouth, a persistent tickly cough which is unproductive are all symptoms to be aware of.

Sudden unexplained weight loss and persistent fatigue is a symptom universal to cancers and should not be ignored. Across all cancers early detection and intervention significantly improves the outcome.

The screening process is extremely simple and it is based on observation and skill of the practitioner. If there are any suspicious growths or lumps we would need to further observe them under magnification. Cancerous growths share similar properties, such as the colourings and their borders. If anything that warrants further investigation is found, you’ll be advised to follow it up with your physician. This is not a diagnosis but more of a precaution.

Procedures are non-interactive and quick.There is no reason not to engage in screening and we have included it free in our checkups. We like to think we are giving you one less thing to worry about.

I have a sore in my mouth, a sore lump or growth. What should I do?

It can be scary when you find anything lump based or unusual in your mouth and it’s easy to bury your head in the sand and see it all as insignificant. Particularly if you’re in the high-risk group of smokers or overweight, it’s very important to attend a screening.

Cancer Research UK recommends yearly screening for smokers but there is no harm in having a bi-yearly screen as part of your check-up. So, if you have a sore in your mouth that isn’t going away or have noticed a lump, please contact us.

As part of community dentistry, we don’t only see mouth cancer Orpington, but we see our screening as part of the dental service and giving back to the community which has supported our clinic for so many decades. Incorporating screening into dental services has been relatively simple and we are proud to be leading the way among local surgeries, Hopefully, in the future, some screening will be seen as a normal and universal part of everybody’s 6-months dental check-up.

If you have any concerns about oral cancers please feel free to get in contact with our clinic. We would be happy to advise you further or book you in for a screening. You can also get more guidance from the Mouth Cancer Federation; this can be an excellent source of reliable information but should not be seen as an alternative to professional screening.

Clear braces – not just a cosmetic procedure

For many years teeth straightening has been considered a treatment for children, who were often seen with the metal ‘train track’ braces that they had to wear for months and months. Modern technology and science have given dentists new dental appliances which are far less obvious and a lot more comfortable to wear. Clear braces Orpington, at our practice, are the ideal treatment for both younger and older patients alike. Braces and aligners are not just cosmetic treatments and the general dental benefits of them are often overlooked. Misaligned teeth can cause earache, uneven wear of the teeth, and bacteria build-up resulting in gingivitis and tooth decay. An overbite or underbite means that a patient will have difficulty chewing and therefore digesting their food.

Bringing patients a twenty-first century solution

The whole process of using removable clear braces Orpington to straighten teeth is far less challenging for our patients, because of the sheer simplicity of the procedure. No wires, bands or metal are used as the aligners are made of a clear material which makes them far less visible than the metal braces. They are far more acceptable to our adult patients as they are a very discreet way of undergoing treatment due to the clear nature of the product. They can be easily removed to allow for easy eating and drinking. From an oral hygiene point of view because they can be removed this allows for normal teeth brushing and flossing. The way that they fit over the teeth like a gum shield is also less conspicuous than the traditional metal braces.

Not all patients are suitable

The important first step in any dental process is to consult your dentist to allow them to do a complete examination of your oral cavity which allows them to identify your condition. Once a proper assessment of your teeth, gums and jaw has been performed the best course of treatment can be discussed. Some conditions may require the use of a different dental appliance recommended by us to achieve the desired results.

Clear aligners how they work

Clear braces Orpington achieve their results by the patients wearing a series of aligners, each of which has a slightly different orientation, one by one they are designed to move the teeth in a specific direction. Each aligner will need to be worn continuously for at least twenty hours a day for a period of around three to four weeks before progressing to the next aligner. Our dentist at Orpington Dental will need to be consulted before each aligner can be fitted to ensure that the required movement has been achieved. Not all patients are the same and some treatments may take a little longer than others and may require a few adjustments and additions to get the results that are desired.

A smile for a new age

At the end of the treatment with our dentist a special retainer will be fitted by us to ensure that the teeth can settle and this will need to be worn for about three to four weeks. After that you will be able to smile at the world, showing off your straight teeth confidently.

Disguise chips and imperfections with porcelain veneers

At Orpington Dental we know that everybody is striving to get a smile that they love. Having an even smile with no chips, no cracks and no gaps is considered to be the sought after look, which is why we provide treatment to help disguise any chips, cracks or gaps that people may have. A lot of people believe that once they have chipped a tooth or cracked it in an accident there is no way to resolve it, and they will be stuck with a damaged tooth for the rest of their life. This can not only leave people feeling incredibly insecure, but uncomfortable as well, as their tongue will have to adapt to the jaggedness of their damaged tooth. This can also make eating and speaking difficult sometimes too. If you have a damaged tooth or an uneven smile that you wish to change, it may be time to book a consultation appointment with one of our practitioners to discuss getting porcelain veneers Orpington. They will be able to tell you whether this treatment is suitable for your circumstances and answer any questions that you might have about the procedure too.

Designed to look and feel like your original teeth

Many people worry that once they get porcelain veneers Orpington that everyone will notice that they have undergone dental treatment. In reality this is not likely, as they are made to look and feel exactly like your original teeth. In circumstances where you are only having one veneer fitted to conceal a chipped tooth, it will be matched as closely as possible to the shade of your other teeth to make sure that it blends in as successfully as possible. In some cases people wish to get a full set instead of just one veneer, which gives your smile a more complete, even appearance. When you get a whole set, each veneer is individually shaped and designed to make all of your teeth appear aligned, even and matched as much as possible in terms of overall shape and size. This treatment is also extremely durable. Once you have had your treatment your practitioner will explain how to take care of your new veneers properly. If they are looked after well they could last you for up to ten years, making them a cost effective treatment to have too.

An alternative treatment when braces cannot help

People sometimes think that porcelain veneers Orpington are only for people who have chipped or cracked teeth. This is not the case at all, and quite often people have tiny gaps between their teeth that cannot be closed up through the use of a straightening appliance for whatever reason. In these cases a full set of veneers can be used to disguise these spaces, giving your smile a completely aligned, even looking appearance with no unwanted voids. Sometimes having gaps between your teeth can lead to insecurities about your smile, leaving you feeling reluctant to smile in public or in front of anyone at all. This can really impact your self-esteem in the long run and can even end up with you isolating yourself from certain situations.

A look at dental implants in Orpington

We understand that tooth loss can be a dramatic thing for anyone to go through, as it is a very stressful experience. For those who have gone through losing a tooth, the occurrence can have an impact that goes far beyond the actual incident, as the area where teeth are missing can become very sensitive. This can have an effect on the way the person concerned may approach activities using their mouth in the future, for example, they may avoid eating harder foods going forward without their full set of teeth.


Tooth loss, whether a single tooth or multiple teeth, is something that none of us wants to go through, as we feel the permanence and the negative effects of the loss. We end up wishing we could find a way to turn back time and have our full set of teeth back. Well, now we can.

As a practice providing patients with dental implants Orpington, we feel we can offer a real solution to tooth loss that is perfect for those who have lost multiple teeth, as well as those who have lost a single tooth.

They feel so natural and real

By offering patients dental implants Orpington, we are delivering a restorative solution that will make them feel like they have regained their original teeth, as these implants are designed to feel real and look perfectly natural. Best of all, once in place, you can use these implants in the same way as your natural teeth, removing any limitation you may have placed on yourself when thinking about the harder foods you may like to eat.

The procedure

Here we will outline the procedure for receiving a dental implant to replace a single tooth. While this is the most basic procedure we would point out that this will only have slight differences when it comes to replacing more, so it may still be informative for those who have lost a number of teeth.

The base of the implant is made up of a screw, made from titanium, that is inserted into the patient’s jawbone. This creates a solid foundation after healing, for the abutment and crown to sit on, forming the replacement tooth.

The crown is made from a ceramic material, making it very hard wearing, that is moulded into the shape of a tooth. When it comes to colour, there is no need to be concerned. The colour of the crown will be matched to any existing teeth in the patient’s mouth, allowing the implant to blend in and appear natural.

Start to enjoy food again

It is very common for people who have lost teeth to avoid food that they perceive as hard or tricky to eat, this is also true of bridge and denture wearers. The use of dental implants can remove the need to avoid problematic food, as they are strong enough to bite into the crunchiest of apples!

Make the change

If you are someone who has suffered tooth loss you may want to find out more about the dental implants Orpington service, we offer to patients. Please feel free to contact our dental practice to find out more information.

How much do you know about Dental Hygiene Orpington?

In order to ensure you have healthy teeth and gums, along with visiting a dentist, it is also important to see a dental hygienist in order to ensure your teeth remain healthy and free from bacteria and possible periodontal diseases. At Orpington Dental, we understand the importance of dental hygiene which is why we have a dental hygienist at our practice available for all our patients. So if you would like to know more about Dental Hygiene Orpington, it’s time to visit us at Orpington Dental.


About us at Orpington Dental

Led by our principal dentist Helen Loubster, Orpington Dental has been providing patients dental treatments within preventative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and treatment for missing teeth for over 20 years. Alongside this, our dentists also provide routine dental treatments to ensure that our patients always have a great experience at our practice.

Visiting Orpington Dental as a new patient

If you have not visited us before at Orpington Dental, not to worry because at our practice we will firstly schedule you in to have a first appointment with us. The purpose of this appointment is to find out as much information about you as possible, including your medical and dental history and also to conduct an examination of your teeth, gums and mouth. This appointment will also give you the chance to raise any dental concerns you may have, and you can rest assured that one of our experienced dentists will be able to provide you with the answers you need.

Whilst performing an oral health check, our dentist may find it necessary to take radiographs in order to help them should they need to diagnose something along with checking for oral cancer. This is important as oral cancer is dangerous and can be life threatening if not detected early and treated as soon as possible. In some cases, oral cancer does not cause any noticeable symptoms which is why we deem it necessary to screen for this at the first appointment.

Our dentist will also use this time to speak with you regarding your dental health, and will also provide advice on how to maintain healthy teeth and good overall health. You will be asked about your diet and any habits you may have which may negatively impact your oral health. This leads on to the subject of dental hygiene, and if necessary, our dentist will recommend that you visit our dental hygienist.

Dental Hygiene Orpington

If you book an appointment at our practice to see our dental hygienist, you can expect your teeth to be professionally cleaned by our hygienist using special dental equipment and pastes. Hygienists play an important role in dentistry as they specialise in ensuring that a patient’s mouth remains both clean and healthy. Known as a scale and polish, the aim of this thorough clean is to remove plaque especially from places which are harder to reach through brushing your teeth alone. If plaque is not removed soon enough and continues to build up, it can result in gum disease which if not treated can lead to dental issues such as tooth loss. Our hygienist will also be able to provide you with valuable advice including brushing techniques and the best brushes to use to ensure that you maintain a good oral hygiene routine.