Mouth cancer in Orpington

Mouth cancer in Orpington can be detected in its earliest stages with regular dental check-ups. At Orpington Dental, we conduct checks for mouth cancer and any signs of any other issues as a matter of course when our patients come in for the once over, as well as giving advice on treatment options that can help get them back to full oral health. This guide explores the signs of possible oral cancer, the causes and risk factors and how patients can reduce the chances of this occurring.

What are the signs of mouth cancer?

Mouth cancer in Orpington is an umbrella term for cancer that is found in the areas in and around the mouth. The areas affected can include the lips, tongue, gums, the inside of the cheeks, under the tongue and the roof of the mouth. Symptoms of concern that require further investigation include white or red patches that make the tissue look different to the rest of the mouth.

What symptoms should patients be aware of?

Mouth cancer in Orpington is characterised by sore parts of the lips or inside the mouth that are resistant to healing and the presence of white or red patches. Loose teeth and lumps or bumps in the mouth can also indicate that there is an issue as can pain or discomfort in the mouth or even in the ears. Struggling to swallow can also be evidence that there is an issue that needs to be examined.

What should the patient do if they have any of these signs or symptoms?

The most important message here is that patients should not panic if they notice any of these issues. It is possible that they are not indicative of mouth cancer and have been caused by other conditions such as gum disease or infections.

Secondly, if there is cancer present, then spotting it early and getting help as soon as possible allows the patient the best possible chance of a full and speedy recovery. Therefore, making an appointment with us for a full examination helps to get the full picture and get started on any treatment that is needed.

What causes mouth cancer?

All cancers are the result of DNA within our cells changing and mutating into a state that is undesirable for good health. Abnormal cells cause lumps or tumours which can then grow and spread. Most oral cancer cases are squamous cell carcinomas, mutations of the thinner cells within the mouth and lips.

What are the risk factors and how can we prevent it?

Smoking is one of the biggest risk factors for oral cancer. It is never too late to reduce the risk of mouth cancer by stopping smoking. Patients can get advice from us and their doctors on how best to beat the smoking habit. Drinking too much alcohol can also raise the risk of mouth cancer. Therefore, it is best to drink no more than one drink per day or even eliminate the consumption of alcohol altogether. Sun exposure is also a factor, so it is a good idea to ensure that the lips are well protected from the sun.

Clear Braces And Cleaning – All You Need To Know

Ok, so what’s the standout feature of clear braces Orpington?  Yeah, you got it – they’re basically invisible. And how do we keep them looking invisible you ask? CLEANING. Cleaning your clear braces has just become as important as cleaning your teeth. Fact. And while we’re on the subject, did you know that now you have braces, cleaning your teeth just became even more important too? Nope? Well, it sure did. Fear not though, we at Orpington dental have all the top tips and how-to’s on cleaning your teeth and cleaning your braces.


Cleaning Your Clear Braces Orpington

First up let’s take a moment to understand why cleaning these beautiful braces is so super important. I’m sure you can imagine that just because they come clear doesn’t mean they’ll stay that way. Bugs and bacteria all very quickly accumulate on the surface of your brand new braces and quickly stick together, harden and become something we call… ‘tartar’. This substance will whiten and sit on your braces making them not so clear anymore and for this reason, we want to get rid of it!

How Do We Do This?

It’s actually super simple! Just clean them. Your clear braces Orpington don’t need anything too fancy to clean them, just a soft bristle brush like your toothbrush and either some clear soap or white toothpaste. It’s important to avoid anything with colours as it can stain the surface of the aligners and cause discolouration – NOT IDEAL.

If you want to take your cleaning to the next level then you can easily invest in cleaning crystals or cleaning solutions. You don’t need to break the bank with this. There are actually some super affordable options available online or in chemists, even a simple denture solution can help give back aligners that glorious window clean shine you’re after.

Cleaning Your Teeth

You might be asking, why is cleaning my teeth suddenly even more important now I have braces? Well, the more attention you pay to your oral hygiene, the easier it will be to maintain the clarity of your braces.

Besides, clear braces are totally removable and will never get in the way of your oral hygiene. Don’t let your hard work go to waste, keep your teeth looking healthy and your braces looking clear! Brushing twice a day should be standard, and we believe flossing is an absolute must. If you want to incorporate other oral hygiene practices into your daily life then you’re more than welcome to. Tongue scraping is growing in popularity again, along with oil pulling. Both of these if done safely and correctly can help guard against bacteria build-ups.


Coming in to see us for your checkups is one of the most important things you can do, we have all the brains and tools needed to spot problems before they happen. So get booked in today!

Porcelain veneers Orpington: how to make your smile look like new

If you’ve had chipped or cracked teeth, stained teeth or crossed teeth, then a treatment you may like to consider is porcelain veneers Orpington here at Orpington Dental. There are a couple of types of veneers: porcelain and composite bonding. Neither require major surgery and can help your teeth to look improved, giving you a smile you can be proud of.

Composite bonding

If you have a small imperfection in one of your teeth, you may be offered composite bonding, which is a quick and effective way of improving the appearance of your teeth. We match the colour of the porcelain to the surrounding teeth, so that nobody else will realise that you have had this treatment and that your teeth aren’t completely natural. The composite bonding is attached to the tooth once the surface of the tooth has been prepared. It can be given in a single visit and you won’t need any recovery time after the treatment has been completed. There is no need to have a local anaesthetic and you shouldn’t feel any pain at all. If you are a nervous patient, we are happy to discuss this treatment in advance with you and take everything at your own pace.

Porcelain veneers

Porcelain veneers Orpington are used for more complex matters and for times when many teeth need treating. A porcelain veneer requires the surface of the teeth to be prepared and then the veneers are placed onto the front of your teeth, like a false nail. Once this has been added on, it can be used to change the size, shape and colour of your teeth and the results can be wonderful aesthetically when you are having so many teeth done. We typically advise that smile makeovers may include other treatments such as Invisalign which is used for realigning teeth, should this be required. Smile makeovers not only improve the appearance of your teeth, but they can also address health issues as well. For example, if you have crossed teeth, having them realigned can make it easier for you to brush and floss effectively. You may also have had speech difficulties or jaw pain, which could also be resolved once your teeth are realigned. So, it’s not just about you having a pretty face!

Initial consultation with us

If you would like to find out more about any of our treatments, including veneers, and maybe have a smile makeover, the first thing you will need to do is to contact us for an initial consultation. During this time, our professional team will welcome you and assess your smile, examining you and maybe taking x-rays, if required. This will help our dentist to find out which treatments may be suitable and they will discuss the options with you. During this time, you can ask about anything you are unsure of and take the time to come to a decision about the treatment plan that suits you best.

If you do opt for veneers, we look forward to helping you have a new healthy and attractive smile in the near future!

Dental implants and what to look out for

Dental implants over the last twenty years have come a really long way and have completely changed and evolved the way we look at tooth replacement procedures. That being said, we at Orpington Dental do understand that they can come with a few little concerns, so we want to walk you through the common issues with dental implants Orpington and how to treat them.


All you need to know summary

Dental implants Orpington are a superior advanced solution to replacing damaged or lost teeth. In very simple terms your tooth’s root is removed and replaced with what is essentially a titanium screw. It is then this screw that is attached to your jawbone through the implantation process. The screw then acts as a root for the crown to be fitted on to.

This is a more long-term permanent solution to tooth loss than most other forms of replacement. It can improve your speech, chewing and self-confidence. Plus with the jawbone now being stimulated by the anchor again you will have more protection over losing further teeth in the future. Your jawbone will be strengthened through the stimulation of the proxy root.

Dental implants Orpington might not just be recommended by us here for tooth loss, but also if you are suffering from bad cracks in tooth enamel, broken teeth, injury, wear from grinding or cavities.

What’s the problem then?

So I’m sure you’re thinking that all sounds great, what’s the issue? And really in most cases there aren’t any issues, but here at Orpington Dental we pride ourselves on open, honest conversation and want all patients to have all the information before making a medical decision. 

Problems that can occur in dental implants include damage to blood vessels or tissue, damage to teeth, nerve damage, sinus issues and infections. We want to express that the process to getting your implants fitted is a long one and this is so that we can try and avoid any of the complications. We make sure we leave enough time between each stage of the implant fittings so as to give the body time to heal as it needs to.

Increased risk

When you come and have your initial consultation with us over the prospect of implants, it’s really important that you are completely honest about your current health situation. Any issues that could affect the process should be disclosed to us, as there are some things that can increase the risk of complications: radiation therapy, diabetes, chronic illness, smoking, poor oral health and some medications. It’s not to say that if you do have any of these that you can’t have implants, it’s that we may need to make changes to the treatment plan to suit. This is why honest conversation is so key.

How to keep your implants healthy

If taken care of, your dental implants could give you a life-long solution to tooth loss. Most failures or rejections are due to infection which are caused by poor oral hygiene, so it’s more important than ever that you’re keeping on top of oral health.

Invest in your dental hygiene with a professional clean

Are you looking to improve your oral health and invest in your dental hygiene Orpington? Here at Orpington Dental, we welcome new and existing patients to our practice and look forward to assisting you with all your oral healthcare needs.

We have a dental hygiene Orpington practitioner who will be able to assist with removing any plaque build-up present on your teeth through a professional clean. This process is commonly referred to as scaling and polishing in dental terms and plays a vital role in maintaining good levels of oral health.

Did you know that dental hygiene Orpington also forms part of treating gum disease and even bad breath? If you or a loved one has a bridge or even a form of orthodontics that requires specific hygiene methods our dental hygienist will be able to assist.

Regular check-ups and screenings will help lower your risk of gum disease

We encourage patients to understand the importance of dental hygiene as it can help to prevent the occurrence of gingivitis and signs of other well-known periodontal diseases and infections. These conditions may present themselves in the form of bad breath or even cause loss of teeth if left untreated. Visible teeth staining may also point to signs of an infection.

The good news is that thanks to regular check-ups and routine cleaning you can dramatically reduce the risk of infection so you can maintain good levels of oral health.

What is the role of a dental hygienist and what can they do to help my teeth and gums?

For those patients who would like to find out more about the role of a dental hygienist and the key role they play in dentistry overall, it involves preventive work. A dental hygienist will set out to determine whether there are any signs of infection regardless of how small or noticeable they are, so that the infection can be treated and banished as soon as possible. It’s an efficient way to prevent minor infections from developing into something more sinister with the risk of introducing pain and discomfort.

Our dental hygienist will simply assess your teeth and gums and evaluate the overall condition of your mouth to diagnose any possible dental issues. They are also able to assist with providing a professional clean to help remove any stubborn plaque or tartar on your teeth.

Protect your teeth and gums with the help of a dental hygienist

We encourage patients never to ignore any signs of infection or disease, as leaving the condition to worsen may result in further discomfort and pain as well as the risk of having long-term damage.

Did you know a dental hygienist is also able to offer advice and treatment for smoking cessation? Patients that smoke may experience bad breath, stained teeth, shrinking gums and even mouth sores as a result of the effects of the tobacco. Smoking may negatively impact the overall health and wellbeing of your gums and teeth. As a dental professional, our friendly practitioner is able to assist by offering you information and support on how to successfully lower your use of tobacco products.

Give yourself a treat with Orpington Dental

There are many reasons why teeth can become stained. If you smoke, take certain medications, drink caffeine or red wine, then your teeth may not be looking like those in a smile from a magazine. Poor oral hygiene can be another contributory factor and any combination of reasons may be leaving you feeling fed up with the appearance of your teeth. At Orpington Dental, we can help to make you feel fabulous when you smile. Come and see us to find out more about tooth whitening Orpington, and to get yourself on the road to having real pearly whites!


What is tooth whitening?

You may have heard about tooth whitening before and seen advertisements for products that are available beyond the dental practice. It is only safe to receive these treatments from a dentist and tooth whitening Orpington is on offer with us at the surgery. At our practice, we treat all of our patients as individuals and will give you a personalised service. For whitening treatment, this means offering you a selection of products that can be delivered in our practice or provided as a home whitening kit. Whichever route you decide to go on will be up to you, based on the information we will provide, so that you can make an informed decision.

Teeth whitening uses a safe bleaching agent that dentists approve for use by patients, which sets us apart from some other products on the market. Depending on your original tooth colour, the product will lighten and brighten your tooth to a shade that is right for the appearance of your teeth.

How do I do it?

If you opt for a home whitening kit, we will provide custom-made trays to fit your mouth precisely. You will then take these trays home, fill them with the bleaching agent and wear the trays while you sleep for a couple of weeks. It couldn’t be easier and you won’t know much about it as you will be fast asleep and getting a great smile while you are catching up on your beauty hours.

The other option is to have a treatment in our practice. We offer Power Whitening, which involves having a barrier applied to your gums to prevent the agent damaging them. We then put the gel on your teeth and shine a light onto them. Within just one hour, your teeth should look a few shades lighter and brighter, which is perfect if you have a special occasion to attend and want the results more quickly.

Can I choose either treatment?

Tooth whitening Orpington is appropriate for many patients and we will be able to advise you about the best route for your teeth; this will depend on the type of staining that you have, for example. By booking in for an initial consultation, we can examine your mouth thoroughly and discuss the options with you, answering any questions you may have. Together, we can find the treatment plan that is right for you. So, why not treat yourself to a fresh smile?

Consider Invisalign as your first choice in invisible orthodontics

For those patients who are considering having their teeth straightened and would like to have this completed in a shorter period of time, we highly recommend considering Invisalign Orpington.

Fast becoming a popular choice when it comes to invisible orthodontic solutions, Invisalign Orpington provides a great dental solution to help straighten crooked or misaligned teeth.

We’re delighted to be able to offer this treatment here at Orpington Dental and look forward to assisting you on your smile transformation journey to a healthy, happy smile.

Visit Orpington Dental for your oral healthcare needs

We look forward to having you visit us at our practice conveniently located in the high street. We have proudly served the community for over two decades and look forward to assisting you with a range of general and cosmetic dental treatments. We offer everything from routine check-ups to invisible orthodontics, teeth whitening services and sparkling veneers.

If you’re hoping to have your teeth straightened and would like to pursue a removable option, Invisalign may be suitable for you. It has become quite popular amongst our adult patients who wish to find a discreet alternative to traditional metal braces. The technology behind Invisalign is advanced and enables the patient to experience a shorter treatment so you can enjoy the incredible results in a brief period of time.

Some of the dental issues that these clear aligners are able to correct include an overbite or underbite in patients, as well as gaps, overcrowding of teeth and misalignment.

Invisalign aligners offer many advantages to patients

Did you know that Invisalign aligners are easier to clean than traditional metal braces? Patients will no longer need to worry about eating out with friends and family as the Invisalign aligner trays are easy to remove and can be quickly cleaned following a meal. Simply brush them with toothpaste using warm water before placing them back into your mouth and enjoy minimal disruption to your social life.

Invisalign aligners also entail fewer visits to the dentist so you can enjoy minimal disruption to your schedule. Traditional braces require adjustments and regular check-ups at the dentist, whereas Invisalign repositions teeth and continues with the alignment process without the need for adjustments or tightening.

Patients can also look forward to a comfortable fit with the Invisalign trays, as each set is customised to the individual specifications of the patient. This ensures the trays are comfortable to wear and offer minimal discomfort in the process.

Did you know that having straighter teeth equates to having healthier teeth? Once your teeth are aligned correctly it helps prevent any gaps forming which enable food particles to get trapped and plaque to build up in your mouth. Trapped plaque over time transforms into decay and will affect the overall health of your mouth and gums. Thanks to Invisalign patients can look forward to having straighter teeth and those gaps will close resulting in less risk of plaque build-up.

If you are looking to transform your teeth so you can smile with confidence our friendly team, here at our practice, are on hand to help you with any queries you may have and can help determine if you are a suitable candidate for Invisalign Orpington aligners. Simply reach out to our friendly receptionist who will be happy to arrange an appointment for you at our practice.

Everything you need to know about dental implants

If you’ve found this article, it is likely that you don’t know much about dental implants Orpington. You might have some basic knowledge, but you’re unsure if they are the right treatment for you, or if you even qualify for them. Here at Orpington Dental, we believe in helping everyone to the best of our ability. No matter how many teeth you’re missing or the reasons behind why, our implants can get you on the path to the smile you deserve!


In this short article, we’d like to introduce you to dental implants Orpington and explain the treatment process, how they work and all the benefits you have to look forward to.

Do I need them?

If you’ve lost one or more of your teeth, you have probably been introduced to other choices of tooth replacement. These include crowns, bridges and dentures, but they are not your only options! There are many reasons why you might have lost your teeth. Maybe you were in an accident, experienced an injury or suffered from some other trauma. You might also have lost your teeth due to your age, lifestyle habits or other dental problems such as gum disease, but dental implants Orpington don’t care about the reason, just about getting that bright smile back for you and giving you back the confidence you need. That’s right, we understand that losing your teeth can impact every aspect of your life. If you’re smiling less due to feeling self-conscious, there is a chance that the impression you make on people might not be as positive as you need it to be. Smiling can make someone happier and have an overall positive effect on every part of your life, from your personal relationships, to social engagements and even work.

The process

If you’ve just lost one tooth, the process is considerably straightforward. You’ll first be brought in for a wellness check-up, where we will discuss your dental history at length and thoroughly examine your gums, jaws and teeth to make sure it is safe to go ahead with the installation. The metal screw will be drilled into your jaw, acting like the root for your artificial tooth. This method of installation will also allow for maximum stability and sturdiness. The screw will fuse with your bone and become a natural part of your jaw before the artificial tooth is placed on top.

When you are missing multiple teeth, you might already have a denture in place. By changing this to an implant, you are able to replace multiple missing teeth with just one screw installed in your jaw. Although it depends on how well and fast the healing process can take place, as well as how healthy your gums and jaw are, it is possible to have your artificial teeth or ‘abutment’ placed on the same day as the metal screw.

The benefits

There are many benefits to our implants, but the most popular one is how much they look like real teeth. We’ll match the shape and shade of the artificial tooth to the healthy teeth surrounding it, meaning that you can smile with confidence knowing that nobody is aware of your implants.

In the same way, the implants are made to work and act exactly like your real teeth. You’ll have to take care of them as you would your other teeth, meaning that over time, you might even forget that they aren’t real yourself! Finally, having the implants installed can support your facial structure and stimulate new bone and tissue growth, in the areas where they might have deteriorated from the lack of tooth.

Natural-looking teeth with white fillings, Orpington

Everybody would love to go through life without the need to receive common dental treatments that are used to repair or rebuild the teeth, here, we at Orpington Dental are referring to the use of fillings. The main issue many of us have with fillings is the way they look once they have been inserted into the mouth, as the commonly used fillings have a metallic look to them that many of us consider unsightly.

You may be someone who has several fillings throughout your mouth, who wishes they could be replaced with something that allows the teeth to appear more natural. You might be someone who has a desire to achieve clean looking, white teeth, but you see your metallic fillings as a barrier to gaining the teeth you desire.

The good news is that for those who want to make a change that will help them achieve the white teeth they are seeking you can now have your metallic-looking fillings replaced by our dentist with white fillings, Orpington. These fillings will help to recreate the natural look of your teeth and make them appear clean and white once again.

Your fillings should look the way you want them to

Just because you have had to have a small amount of restoration work carried out on your teeth in the form of having them filled, it does not have to mean that you need to live with an image of your teeth that you are not one hundred per cent happy to own. White fillings, Orpington, could change this for you and give you teeth that you find attractive when you look at them in a mirror.

The process needed to create the look of your teeth you are seeking is relatively simple and is almost the same as the one used to apply your original fillings, only this time we are removing the metallic looking filling instead of part of your tooth.

Then the new white looking filling is inserted by our dental professional, giving you back the natural look to your teeth that you once had and loved.

Just as strong

While this new form of filling may appear to be more cosmetic in nature, you can be assured that they are just as strong as the fillings you may have received in the past. With the correct care, these fillings will last you an entire lifetime and stay looking clean and white, just keep them clean using regular brushing and flossing, the way you should do with the rest of your teeth.

Making you feel more confident

The human mind is an extremely delicate thing, and it does not take much to knock it, making someone lose confidence in their own self-image. One of the common issues that causes someone to suffer from low self-esteem is the look of their mouth due to the look of their teeth.

If someone can boost their self-esteem and feel better about their self-image by having a cosmetic treatment such as white fillings, Orpington, then they should be encouraged to gain these benefits if they possibly can. If you are one of these people, then the only person you should consider is yourself, as having a treatment such as this really is only about your happiness.

If you have always been self-conscious about your smile and feel like your teeth could be improved, there are dental treatments that are available to help.

Trust teeth whitening in Orpington for a noticeably brighter smile

Brighten up your life

Smile, and the whole world smiles with you. This is something that we believe here at Orpington Dental, although we also understand that some may need teeth whitening Orpington as they may find smiling and exposing their teeth to be embarrassing due to having visible marks, stains or yellowed enamel.

Having dental staining is not uncommon in the slightest, and our highly proficient team of cosmetic professionals can help treat anyone who needs it.

What is cosmetic whitening?

Increasing numbers of patients of all ages are getting in touch with us at Orpington Dental to discuss their options for teeth whitening Orpington.

Of all the cosmetic dental treatments that we offer, teeth whitening is by far one of our most popular because of its non-invasive nature and the fact that visible results can be achieved in just one sitting, depending on the type of teeth whitening a patient chooses.

By using a hydrogen peroxide whitening gel and a custom-made dental retainer, we can visibly brighten the shade of your enamel (outermost layer of the tooth) either within our practice in one sitting or from home through one of our at-home kits.

What can cosmetic whitening help with?

There are a great number of causes for dental staining, which is why the first thing we do here at Orpington Dental is work out the type of staining that each patient has so that we can determine which form of teeth whitening Orpington is suitable for them.

Intrinsic staining is when the inside of your tooth has become faded or grey – either through dental trauma, certain medications or ageing – and typically requires more extensive dental treatments to solve than cosmetic whitenings such as veneers or crowns.

Extrinsic staining is the most common form of dental staining, which occurs when the outermost layer of your teeth are stained, yellowed or discoloured. As this form of staining only primarily affects the visible layer of the tooth, they are far easier to treat through traditional cosmetic whitening means.

Extrinsic stains can be caused by long-term lifestyle choices or habits such as smoking or favouring dark-coloured drinks like red wine, cola or black coffees or teas. Additionally, ageing can also cause your enamel to become duller or yellow in colour.

How can I get teeth whitening?

Getting teeth-whitening treatment from us at Orpington Dental is a quick and easy process that begins with a consultation appointment to allow us to assess the type of staining you have. When treating extrinsic stains, we can offer patients two options – power whitening and home whitening.

Power whitening is a great option for patients who seek immediate results as it can achieve a visibly brighter smile in just an hour. We carry out the whitening process at our practice, using a protective gum shield, a whitening gel and a UV lamp to speed up the whitening.

Home whitening involves making a custom-fitting gum shield for patients to take home with them and placing a whitening gel into the shield periodically over two weeks or more for gradually building results.