Have you considered tooth whitening in Orpington?

Have you noticed recently that your teeth may not be as white as they once were? As we age, it is natural for our teeth to become darker as a result of the type of food or drink we consume and lifestyle habits. Although there are whitening toothpastes available which can aid in whitening your teeth, the results may not be very noticeable or to your wishes. At Orpington Dental however, we offer tooth whitening Orpington to our patients to aid in restoring their smile to what it once was. So if you are based in Orpington and are looking for a way to restore the natural shade of your teeth, visit us at our practice.


About us at Orpington Dental

Providing high quality dental treatments to our patients for over 20 years, Orpington Dental focuses on helping individuals who are interested in improving their smile by using dental procedures within cosmetic dentistry. Led by our principal dentist Helen Loubser, our team of five dentists are experienced in providing cosmetic dental treatments including dental implants, orthodontic treatment, veneers and tooth whitening.

Alongside cosmetic dental treatments, Orpington Dental also offers new and existing patients treatments within areas of dentistry including preventive and general dentistry and we also provide emergency treatment for dental pain.

However if it is cosmetic dental treatment you are looking for and in particular you want to brighten your teeth, we offer two types of tooth whitening Orpington to help you achieve the smile you desire.

Power Whitening at Orpington Dental

If you would like to whiten your teeth with the help of a dental professional, we recommend our Power Whitening treatment, where your teeth will be whitened at our practice by an experienced dentist.

Before starting the treatment our dentist will place a protective barrier on your gums and lips before placing a safe dental bleaching agent on your teeth. In order to activate the bleaching process, a lamp is positioned over your teeth. The procedure takes an hour and following the treatment you can expect to see a noticeable difference in the shade of your teeth.

If you are planning for a special occasion such as a birthday, wedding or conference, then this is the best option for you. However if you would prefer to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your home, you may want to consider our home whitening treatment.

Home whitening at Orpington Dental

A more affordable option for our patients, home whitening uses custom-made plastic trays and a whitening gel which can be worn at night or during the day for a period of time to gradually whiten your teeth. Results of home whitening can usually be seen after two weeks of having the treatment.

How long does tooth whitening Orpington last?

Even though tooth whitening is not a permanent dental procedure, there are ways to maximise the effects of our tooth whitening treatment. One way of doing this is by cutting back on foods and drinks that are most likely to stain your teeth, for example red wine and coffee. If you are a smoker, we also recommend that you cut back on smoking or stop completely.

Also by maintaining a good oral hygiene regime, which includes brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing and regularly visiting us for a scale and polish, your teeth will remain whiter for longer.

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Why is it important to visit a dentist?


There are many reasons that one should consider visiting a dentist. The first and foremost is to ensure that one’s dental health is maintained. It is important to visit a dentist at least once every twelve months. A dentist will advise individuals on the best practices of maintaining good dental hygiene. They will guide and suggest as to what treatment is most suitable for each and every individual according to their need or requirement. Usually there are two parts involved: check up and oral examination.The dentist will check if there are any prevalent issues in your overall dental health while examining an individual’s mouth. During the check up, the dentist will remove any material accumulated in the teeth such as tartar and polish your teeth, if necessary.

What are some common dental problems?

There are many different types of dental health problems. They are bad breath, tooth decay, gum disease, mouth sores, tooth erosion and tooth sensitivity. These problems can cause pain, discomfort and distress that can be detrimental for the wellbeing of a person. These can also affect the productivity of a person and be a blow to their wellbeing and quality of life. A person with bad teeth might feel less confident when they are smiling because they cbe self conscious about having bad teeth. This will in turn have a negative impression on their self esteem and self worth.

What are some common dental health treatments?

Some of the common dental health treatments are aimed at treating the common dental problems mentioned above. They are bridges, braces, fillings, root canals, scaling and polishing and dental implants. These treatments help restore dental hygiene back to near normal so that individuals will be able to lead a life with minimal oral issues.

What is invisalign?

Invisalign in Orpington is a nearly invisible type of brace that can be used to transform your smile by straightening your teeth to look the best they can. Invisalign in Orpington is easy to remove and maintain while eating or cleaning your teeth. It only takes a few visits to the dentist’s office. It is a highly recommended treatment as well as being an affordable and cost effective straightening method. A dentist will first perform a precise 3D scan of your teeth and map out a personalised dental treatment plan for you. Then, they will fit aligners and schedule 6 to 8 week regular checkups to check the progress of the treatment plan. As invisalign is easy to use and remove it won’t disrupt your everyday life as much as traditional braces.

How long will the treatment take?

The length of treatment varies from individual to individual. In most cases it takes at least six months, but it is most likely that individuals will start seeing results within weeks. Invisalign in Orpington can help transform your smile and take it to a whole new level. By using this treatment you will be able to have a smile that you can be proud to call your own. As it is almost invisible, you won’t need to worry about it interfering with your appearance. It is one of the most trusted treatment methods that will transform your smile and transform your life.

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Why does dental hygiene matter?


There are several reasons as to why dental hygiene matters. Neglecting your dental hygiene will result in issues that will lead to discomfort and difficulties that will have a detrimental impact on your life. Failing to maintain proper oral cleanliness will result in bad breath, bleeding gums, toothache and cavities, just to name but a few of the possible complications that might arise due to neglecting dental hygiene.

Dental health can be affected by a person’s lifestyle. The food a person eats and the care he or she takes to maintain a good oral regime impacts a person’s dental hygiene. This in turn contributes to the overall health and wellbeing of a person.

How will good dental hygiene have a positive impact?

Dental hygiene is something we often tend to forget when we speak about health or wellness, but it plays a major role in our overall health and wellbeing. Health and wellbeing matters because it affects how you think and feel, and thus this will have a major impact on your life. Having good dental hygiene will make you look better and transform your smile. Appearance plays a major role in how a person feels about themselves and having a pleasing mien helps someone to develop confidence. Possessing a good appearance will also help develop self-esteem and make you appreciate yourself more. This will improve your productivity and performance.

What are some common dental treatments?

Some common dental treatments we provide include bonding, bridges, dental implants, extractions, dentures and fillings. The dental treatments employed depend on the dental problem an individual is suffering from.

What is a dental implant?

Dental implants Orpington are performed by our dentist in some cases where a patient is missing teeth. Dental implants Orpington can be carried by dentists or dental surgeons. At Orpington Dental we will evaluate and decide if this is the right treatment option for each of our patients and advise them on it The procedure involves placing a small titanium root into the jawbone which is then allowed to fuse into the person’s gum over a period of time.

A dental implant is indistinguishable from a natural tooth, so it doesn’t affect an individual’s appearance in any way except to improve it. It looks just like an original tooth, so a person doesn’t have to worry about anyone being aware that they have had this restoration work done. The dental implant will usually be made of titanium because this will give it strength and stability. Due to the high rate of success this is a common treatment method that is recommended by our dentists, for individuals who they think might require a long-lasting restoration solution for their missing teeth.

Dental implants can be used to replace a single tooth or sometimes many teeth. There are different types of dental implants just as there are different types of prosthetics to affix to them. Some are removable dental prosthetics or you can have fixed dental bridges, as well as crowns for single teeth. A dentist will guide you to select the most suitable option for you.

Dental implants Orpington with our practice will help replace missing teeth and restore an individual’s confidence and appearance all in one go, helping to improve their quality of life. Restoring a sense of self-esteem and confidence that might have been affected due to missing teeth and after this treatment a person can go ahead in life with a renewed sense of self-worth and pride.

Different ways to maintain your oral health and natural-looking smile

Optimising your dental health is easier said than done sometimes. Although we try to keep our teeth and gums free from decay and diseases, experiencing the odd cavity might be unavoidable for some people.


In this article, we’ll be discussing general dentistry and white fillings in Orpington at our clinic, Orpington Dental, why white fillings are preferred to amalgam or metal ones, and how to avoid costly cosmetic procedures by looking after your teeth.

What is decay?

When you eat or drink, the sugar from the food or beverage is converted into acid by the bacteria in your mouth called plaque.

The acid attacks the enamel and dentine of your teeth, which can be controlled by reducing sugary and unhealthy meals from your diet, and cleaning your teeth regularly.

However, uncontrolled acid attacks can result in progressive dental decay that might require dental restorations, such as fillings.

What are fillings?

Fillings are artificial materials that restore structure to fractured or decaying teeth. These come in different forms, with general dentistry and white fillings in Orpington being the preferred choice among our customers.

Why are white fillings best?

Metal or amalgam fillings appear as dark, unattractive spots in your mouth for which you might feel self-conscious. On the other hand, white fillings are tooth-coloured, look natural, and help to transform your smile.

White fillings don’t only look better but function to strengthen your teeth while metal fillings weaken your pearly whites, which means they’re more susceptible to breaking.

For the long term, white fillings are durable and the more affordable of the two forms of tooth restoration, considering the high cost of replacing broken or decaying teeth.

If you’re tired of having tooth sensitivity resulting from your filling, you’re in luck. With white fillings, you won’t suffer the consequences of exposing your new tooth piece to hot or cold food and beverages.

How can you prevent dental decay entirely?

Like other dentists, we believe that prevention is the best cure for decay. Unfortunately, we find that many of our clients don’t know how to improve their oral health or don’t dedicate enough time to brushing their teeth.

Knowledge is power, and it’s our mission to highlight preventative measures to keep you healthy to save you from having to pay for expensive cosmetic procedures in the long run.

Look after your teeth in the following ways to prevent teeth decay:

Control your acid attacks by consuming sugary foods and drinks to mealtimes only if at all. Overall, you should follow a moderate diet and limit your intake of unhealthy food. Meals rich in calcium and protein strengthen the dentine of your teeth, try to incorporate more of these into your diet.

Use fluoridated toothpaste to clean your teeth, and brush those pearly whites twice a day for two to three minutes every time.

Fluoride preparations for children help prevent tooth decay by strengthening enamel. Chat to our expert team for more information!

The technique you use to brush your teeth matters. Ask us for a demonstration if you’re not sure which method to implement.

Teeth Whitening is it worth it?

With an ever-expanding choice of teeth whitening options, it can be hard to know which is the best one for you personally and whether it’s worth it. Everyone desires a brighter, whiter smile. It stands out and boosts your confidence to no end. Orpington Dental is well equipped to get you to a standard of smile that you are proud of. We can help combat the years of potential neglect or stains caused by food and drink.


What process is involved?

We all differ greatly, and as individuals, we need specific treatment for our teeth. A custom impression of your teeth means that you can have a mouthguard made to fit your teeth specifically. A bleaching agent is then applied to the mouthguard that evenly distributes the solution across your teeth and whiten them effectively.

What’s included?

What do you get out of choosing teeth whitening in Orpington, Well, a whiter smile for starters, but you also come away with any knowledge or equipment you need to maintain your lovely new white teeth even longer from home.

What about safety with tooth Whitening?

Using a bleaching agent on your teeth and in your mouth may sound daunting but we can assure you that when performed by a professional like those in our team teeth whitening in Orpington is safe. To put your mind at ease, why not book a consultation with Orpington Dental who can talk you through all the measures put in place to ensure your safety. This is a good idea particularly if you have aspects of your oral health that may affect your treatment such as crowns or untreated gum disease.

How long do you see the effects?

We would never want to mislead you into thinking that teeth whitening in Orpington was a permanent thing. That being said you can make the results last even longer with the right maintenance plan.

This plan can include avoiding the troublesome food that leads to tooth discolouration. This may include things like coffee, acidic food and wine. Now we would be pretty mean if we told you to never drink a glass of wine again or enjoy a cup of coffee at work but we would strongly advise wherever possible to brush your teeth and use mouthwash as soon as possible following such staining food and drink. While avoiding these foods you should combine it with a general good standard of oral health routine. That would include brushing at least twice a day, notice we say at least, brush even more regularly whenever possible particularly after eating. Floss to remove plaque buildup in and around your teeth in hard to reach places. Another great tool to use is antiseptic mouthwash. 

In conclusion

So to sum up then with the right level of treatment and with a good plan of action to follow you can really come away with a pearly white grin that you can be proud of. You could certainly say that this is worth it. If you need more information or want to discuss any of the other treatments on offer then we at Orpington Dental would be happy to hear from you.

The importance of dental hygiene

The oral microbiome

Our oral cavity is home to a variety of naturally occurring microorganisms, which make up our microbiome. Many surfaces in our body have microorganisms living on them, some of which have been proven to play key roles in our health, most notably the gut microbiome. Certain bacterial species in the gut microbiome play a very important role in our metabolism, such as the production of vitamins and other essential metabolic by-products. The oral microbiome is the second most diverse microbiome after the gut microbiota, containing more than 700 different microbial species. Some of these species feed on the sugar residues left in our mouths after a meal. While doing so, they secrete organic acids as waste products. These compounds can harm the dentine and the enamel by slowly dissolving its mineral content. The bacteria are also capable of forming plaque, which can later calcify into calculus if left without treatment. Large amounts of acid production can lead to tooth decay and a variety of other conditions; therefore, it is important to maintain good oral hygiene. If you know you require an improvement in your dental hygiene Orpington, get in touch with us and book an appointment.


The consequences of poor oral hygiene

As diets across the western world often contain large amounts of sugar, our oral cavity is often full of sugar remnants for acid producing microorganisms to consume and convert into energy and metabolites, including the acids that can damage the teeth. Microbial overgrowth coupled with poor oral hygiene can cause tooth decay and cavity formation by reacting with the calcium phosphate found in our teeth. If tooth decay is left untreated, it can even lead to the formation of dental abscesses, or if the bacteria infect the pulp tissue, tooth loss can also occur. Bacterial overgrowth can also trigger inflammatory responses in the gum tissue. If this becomes chronic inflammation and periodontitis, it can even permanently damage the gum tissue, which can also lead to tooth loss. Other unpleasant consequences associated with poor oral hygiene include bad breath, plaque and calculus formation, as well as increasing yellow discolouration of the teeth. And it can even increase the risk of some oral cancers. If you would like to get any treatments associated with dental hygiene Orpington to aid your dental health, book an appointment with us today!

How does the dental hygiene treatment work?

Our oral hygiene treatments are performed by professionals specialised in dental hygiene. As it was mentioned above, oral bacteria can contribute to the formation of dental plaque, which if left untreated, can calcify into calculus, which is harder to remove. The treatment therefore has two primary aims. One of them is to clean the plaque that has already formed on your teeth, which most often occurs in specific areas that are quite difficult to access with a toothbrush, such as the areas between the teeth. The other aim of the treatment is to provide you with useful advice on how to prevent the formation of plaque in the future with tooth floss and by improving your tooth brushing method if it is deemed necessary. If you would like to improve your dental hygiene Orpington, contact us for further information and an appointment.

How do celebrities have such white teeth?

You may be looking at celebrities’ smiles and thinking, how do they have such white teeth? You may start to compare your smile to theirs and wonder how your teeth can look yellowing and theirs look so clean and bright. These celebrities have access to tooth whitening services, but the good news is that you can also achieve a bright and white smile. Teeth whitening Orpington could be a service that you may want to consider if you are unhappy with the appearance of your smile. This article will take you through how teeth whitening works and what option could be the correct one for you and your smile. As a practice, we are committed to helping you achieve a bright, white and healthy looking smile. We listen to your concerns about your smile and use our expertise to assist you in achieving your goals. You should read on to the next section to see how we can help you whiten your smile.

How can I whiten my teeth?


Teeth whitening Orpington can help you achieve a brighter smile. Your teeth can become stained by many different things, this can include food and drink choices, as well as smoking and some medications. There are two different ways that you can whiten your teeth. You can work with your dentist to determine which treatment would be the best fit for your smile and lifestyle. Power whitening can be used by a practising dentist and can be completed in the dental office. The first stage uses a protective barrier that is played on the gums and lips. A lamp is used to activate the bleaching agent so you can achieve a brighter and whiter smile. A home whitening kit can also be used to lighten your smile. We can provide you with custom made trays that you can use to whiten your teeth in your own home. The results from this treatment appear gradually over two weeks allowing you to enhance your smile. Both forms of tooth whitening are effective and it is up to you which treatment you would prefer. You should read on to the next section to see why you should consider this treatment.

Is it worth whitening your teeth at the dentist?

You can be assured that teeth whitening Orpington is a safe procedure that you can use to great effect to lighten your smile. A safe dental bleaching agent is used to brighten your dull teeth. The end result of your treatment with us may differ depending on what the nature of your staining was. We have helped many people achieve a whiter smile and we would love to offer you the same level of high service. We think that whitening your teeth through your dentist allows you to achieve the best results and you will be looked after at each stage. Many patients choose to have their teeth professionally whitened so they can look their best for an event, or simply so they can feel better about their appearance. If you have any questions about this service then you should consider getting in touch with us here at Orpington Dental or have a look at our website. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our porcelain veneers in Orpington

Dental laminates can be used to give a subtle and permanent solution to discoloured and chipped teeth, while also closing the gaps which cannot be corrected with orthodontics.


Our porcelain veneers Orpington are thin layers of hand crafted ceramics, which are permanently bonded to the front of a tooth.

What are dental bondings?

The very first dental overlays were crafted from acrylic and glued to the front of the teeth; these were impractical and temporary, and therefore not used outside of film sets. The challenges of a permanent laminate was how to successfully adhere porcelain to a tooth long term. Only in the 1980s was this solved, by etching both the underside of the porcelain prosthetic and the surfaces of the tooth. Then, a resin bonding agent could be used to fix the overlay in place for 10 to 30 years!  This has led to them being referred to as bondings.

Why use porcelain?

Our porcelain veneers Orpington are made to specification for each patient and have a natural translucent ‘tooth like’ quality. After colour matching, a single prosthetic can be indistinguishable from the rest of your teeth. Alternatively, a full set of veneers in a lighter or brighter shade can be used to provide a full dental makeover.

Bondings versus crowns

In many situations where crowns would have been used, the modern bondings we provide are an appropriate alternative. This allows us to save more of the original tooth, and allows more of the natural enamel to be retained in a less invasive procedure.

In situ bondings are formed by coating a tooth in dental resin, which is then sculpted by our dentist into its final form. They can be used to give structure to a badly damaged tooth and protect exposed dentine from further decay.

What is UV light bonding?

During the fitting stage of porcelain veneers Orpington, we will temporarily place and sculpt the laminate to the desired aesthetics. Only then will a resin be applied and cured with UV light, which permeates the thin laminate and ensures consistent and complete curing of the resin.

Looking after bondings

Veneering comes with some long-term maintenance. A 6 monthly check-up is still necessary to check the health and wellbeing of your mouth. Debonding can occur, but assuming no damage or decay has occurred, we can happily reattach the prosthetics. Cavities can still form around the edges of a bonding and encroach underneath them.

The porcelain laminates are more stain resistant than enamel. In smokers, red wine and coffee drinkers the laminate may become more obvious over time, and appear lighter than the teeth around it. This is not an issue if you have a full set of bondings, but is something that our dental hygienist can help with during a routine scale and polish. To find out more about porcelain veneers in Orpington or if they are an appropriate treatment option for you, a consultation will be necessary. Please feel free to contact us to take your first steps towards a new smile.

What is tooth whitening in Orpington?

Tooth whitening may spring to many patients’ minds when ‘cosmetic dentistry’ is spoken of, it is extremely popular! Tooth whitening comes in many forms, however at our dental clinic within Orpington we strive to offer our patients both a safe, and professional service in the comfort of a modern and friendly dental clinic. Tooth whitening is rising in popularity within the modern field of cosmetic dentistry, however many patients may be wondering whether this treatment is right for them.


Is tooth whitening in Orpington right for you?

If you are an individual who is suffering from discoloured or generally stained teeth that make you feel self-conscious about smiling, then tooth whitening could be a good solution for your smile. At our clinic within Orpington we offer a safe bleaching agent that has proven effective when attempting to lighten the colour of our patients’ smiles.

Why choose our clinic to receive tooth whitening in Orpington?

At our clinic within Orpington we understand how difficult it can be to find the right treatment for your smile, and of course the right clinic to deliver this procedure. At our surgery we strive to offer an impeccably high standard of dental care within the walls of our welcoming practice, our specialist team of dental healthcare professionals boast a wealth of experience within their chosen fields, which we believe is a credit to the dentistry we offer!

What makes our clinic unique?

At our surgery within Orpington we not only choose to embrace the highest quality materials available on the modern dental market, but we also embrace variety too To expand with greater detail, we not only offer power whitening which is available within the walls of our clinic, but we also offer a home whitening system which ensures that even our busiest of patients achieve their dream smile.

What causes staining of the teeth?

Staining is extremely common and can be experienced by anyone, and it can be considered as hard to prevent! Factors such as the consumption of highly pigmented foods like curry for example, in addition to coffee and red wine, and of course bad habits such as smoking, can all increase your chances of enamel staining.

What are the benefits of receiving this particular cosmetic dental treatment?

Cosmetic dentistry focuses primarily on improving the physical and aesthetic appearance of a patient’s smile, lifting the shade of your smile can massively increase your self-esteem which we believe is priceless!

Whitening your smile within the comfort of your own home

Despite our ‘power whitening’ treatment proving extremely effective with many of our patients, we understand that many individuals may prefer to whiten their smile within the comfort of their own home. Individuals who possess busy work and social lives may feel as if they cannot attend an appointment at our clinic, which is why we create custom-made lightweight plastic mouth trays which are used to hold a safe whitening gel. These trays should be worn at night, and can produce results within as little as two weeks!

I am unhappy with the appearance of my smile

Tooth whitening in Orpington could be a good fit for you if you wish that your teeth were whiter and brighter. Teeth can become stained over time by the foods and drinks that you choose to have. There are some other lifestyle choices such as smoking that can also have an impact on the colour of your smile. Certain medications can even stain your teeth. Treatments such as teeth whitening are a safe procedure that have been used by many patients in order to lighten the colour of their teeth.


You can be assured that this treatment is safe and is done through a tried and tested dental bleaching agent. You can be assured that you are in good hands should you choose Orpington Dental for your teeth whitening needs. Individual results can vary and are usually based on the severity of your teeth staining and how this came about. This article will discuss how this treatment can work alongside the options that you have as well as what you should do next should you decide that this treatment is the one for you.

How does this treatment work?

If you decide that tooth whitening in Orpington is the best fit for you then you have two options to choose from. The first option is an in-practice option called power whitening. A protective barrier is first placed on your gums and lips and the gel is then placed on your teeth. A lamp is positioned over the teeth which activates the gel to bleach your teeth. Your teeth will begin to look brighter and whiter over the next hour or so.

You may wish to choose this treatment if you have an event coming up that you want to look your best for or if you simply want to have brighter and whiter teeth. The second option is the home whitening kit that you can use at home. You will be provided with a custom tray that fits over your teeth and this is where you add the gel. Results can be seen over the coming weeks and you are able to top up the trays whenever you need a boost.

What should I do next?

Should you decide that tooth whitening in Orpington is a good fit for you, you should contact us here at Orpington Dental today. We can work with you to work out which of our tooth whitening options could be the best fit for you and begin your journey to a brighter and whiter smile. We understand that a person’s smile is one of their most important features and that is why we want to help you have a smile that looks the best that it can.

We cannot wait to begin assisting you in your journey to a better smile. You should check out our website in the meantime so you can read more about this treatment to make an informed decision about whether this treatment could be the one for you. We believe that everyone should have a smile that they are proud of and this is why we are offering this service.