What is tooth whitening?

Tooth whitening in Orpington is a treatment that many of our patients consider. The whitening of teeth is a common cosmetic dentistry treatment that we utilise to give patients bright, healthy looking smiles. Are you concerned about your stained teeth? Do they make you feel self-conscious? Do you worry about smiling? Then teeth whitening could be the correct choice of treatment for you. There are a number of reasons why you may find that your teeth are stained. Your teeth can be stained by specific foods and drinks, habits such as smoking and certain medications can also have an effect on the colour of your teeth. Teeth whitening is a safe, tried and tested procedure that, when used by our on hand professionals, can lighten the colour of your teeth. This treatment uses a safe dental bleaching agent that lightens the surface of your tooth. It is important to note that individual results can vary and are very much based on the colour that you start the process with. The nature of your tooth staining can also have an impact on the results that you achieve. This section of the article will run through how this treatment works in more detail.


How does this treatment work?

There are two forms of tooth whitening in Orpington treatment. The first of these forms is power whitening. This is an in-practice procedure that will be carried out by a highly trained professional. The first step involves placing a protective barrier over gums and lips, following this a gel is placed directly onto your teeth. A special lamp is then positioned over the teeth, the light from this lamp activates the bleaching process. After the treatment time of one hour, you can expect your teeth to look a few shades brighter. Patients often choose this treatment so their smile can look its best for an upcoming event. The second form of this treatment is home whitening. This, as the title suggests, can be carried out by yourself at home. We make custom trays that are designed to fit over your teeth. The trays hold bleaching gel and this is to be worn at night or for a few hours at a time during the day. Results tend to appear over the course of two weeks. The next section will go over why you should consider this treatment.

Why should I consider this treatment?

Tooth whitening in Orpington can offer you numerous benefits should you choose to have this treatment. One of the main benefits of tooth whitening is having a smile that is bright, white and improved from the way it was before, and this is something that many of our patients strive for. This allows you to dramatically enhance your whole appearance with just your smile. However, there are other benefits aside from just the visual results you could achieve through teeth whitening. With help from this treatment, you could find that you have more confidence in yourself as you begin to feel better about your brighter and healthier looking smile. The treatment itself could help kill bacteria, and some of this bacteria causes tooth decay and gum disease. If patients think that they could benefit from this treatment then they should consider having a look at our website and getting in touch with us here at Orpington Dental.

An Insight into Tooth Whitening in Orpington

Are you worried about the shade of your teeth? Maybe over the years, you have noticed that your teeth have gradually become more and more discoloured and you are not sure what steps to take. Or maybe you have tried to restore your teeth to its natural whiteness using home remedies but it hasn’t worked. If any of the above scenarios apply to you, then you may want to consider tooth whitening in Orpington.


Tooth whitening at our practice: Orpington Dental Care

Established over 20 years ago, our practice Orpington Dental Care has provided a high quality and professional dental service to our patients. Led by our principal dentist Helen Loubser, our team of dedicated dentists, dental nurses, hygienists, and receptionists ensure that every individual that steps into our practice experiences our high level of patient care and successful dental treatment. Our practice offers a range of dental treatments which may be general, for example, root canal therapy and emergency dental care; preventative dentistry, which includes sensitive teeth and smoking cessation and cosmetic dentistry.

What do we mean by cosmetic dentistry at Orpington Dental Care?

Cosmetic dentistry refers to dental treatments that aim to primarily improve the appearance of an individual’s teeth. Examples of cosmetic dentistry include white fillings, porcelain veneers, and Invisalign. All of these treatments are carried out by experienced dental professionals who have carried out these procedures for several years.

Therefore you can trust that at Orpington Dental Care, you will receive a dental treatment that you will be satisfied with. Another popular dental treatment that we are able to offer at Orpington Dental Care is tooth whitening in Orpington.

Tooth whitening at Orpington Dental Care

As mentioned earlier, tooth whitening treatment is an option for individuals who feel as though their teeth have become discoloured due to a number of reasons. This can leave an individual feeling uncomfortable to show their teeth in fear that the discolouration of their teeth will be noticed. At Orpington Dental Care we offer dental treatments that help to restore a patient’s teeth to a shade of white that will leave individuals smiling again.

The types of tooth whitening treatment available

Orpington Dental Care offers two types of tooth whitening treatments for our patients to choose from: power whitening and home whitening.

Our power whitening treatment is carried out by one of our dentists. For this procedure, our dentist firstly applies a protective barrier onto your gum and lips. A gel is also applied to your teeth. After this has been applied, the dentist will position a lamp over your teeth for about an hour. The lamp is an important part of the procedure as it activates the bleaching process. After this hour, your teeth should look noticeably brighter. If you decide to choose our home whitening treatment, instead of carrying out the procedure for you, we will make a plastic tray suitable for your teeth and a whitening gel in which you are expected to apply into the tray before wearing them either to bed or during the day. For this procedure, you should see results in two weeks.

Instant gratification with tooth whitening in Orpington

There are not many treatments that we can offer you where you are so instantly and immediately satisfied with the results. Yes, we admit that once you have experienced a scale and polish, or we have fixed up that painful tooth, you are pleased with our efforts and for that we are glad.


But for a quick 15 minutes of your time, can you really believe that we can completely transform a smile? You better believe it! Tooth whitening in Orpington is one of the easiest ways in which you can transform your smile from drab to fab.

Perfect for a night out or just a big confidence boost, we can offer you fast, lunch time appointments that provide instant results. If you would rather perform your tooth whitening in Orpington treatment at home, then we are gladly able to provide you with all of the materials and instructions that you need, so that you can safely and easily do this in the comfort of your own home, overnight, as well.

For this to be so effective, we do need to understand what the cause of the staining of your teeth really is. It is no good that we provide you with tooth whitening in Orpington only to later understand that the cause of your yellowing teeth is through medication, or because of a previous dental treatment that we are unable to rectify.

By allowing us to investigate during an initial consultation, we can determine whether your staining on your teeth is from recent extrinsic stains, or more long-term intrinsic staining, that will require more effort to remove.

How do strains occur?

Most of us enjoy coffee, tea, a red wine, or a curry. If you’re unsure if any food or drink is going to stain your teeth, then you should simply carry out this quick test. If the item will stain some white clothing, then be sure that it can stain your teeth over time.

If you don’t act quickly to remove that stain, by frequent and effective brushing, then those stains will develop and stay on your teeth for longer.

You may have also heard about age related yellowing of your teeth. This is possible, as the enamel on your teeth gets thinner with time and this in turn causes your teeth to look more yellow.

We suggest that you look to strengthen your enamel whilst coupling your actions with a whitening treatment. You will find that long-term oral hygiene regimes will be beneficial in caring for your smile and will allow it to look the best it can be.

Removing stains and whitening teeth is one of the fastest and easiest ways in which you can improve your confidence regarding your smile, as well as allowing it to look healthier and younger.

We suggest that you speak to a professional about your options and when it is suitable, come in to see us, so that we can have a look to decide what we can do about getting those pearly whites brighter and more beautiful for you.

Why choose our dental clinic to receive Invisalign in Orpington?

At our dental clinic in Orpington we have been providing our new and loyal patients with a fantastic standard of dental care within a modern and friendly dental environment for many years. Our clinic not only offers standard cosmetic dental treatments such as tooth whitening, or porcelain veneers for example, but we also provide many orthodontic treatments, one of which is in the form of Invisalign in Orpington.

What is Invisalign in Orpington?


Invisalign could be argued as the most popular brand provider of clear aligners in the United Kingdom within modern dentistry, and even possibly worldwide. Invisalign has provided over four million happy smiles for a wide array of patients worldwide, and is the brand provider we use and trust at our dental clinic in Orpington. 

How do they work?

The transparent plastic aligner trays are replaced every few weeks in order to slowly encourage the teeth to move into a prescribed position. The dental trays are custom made for each of our patients and their unique dental case, this ensures the best possible results are achieved.

Are clear aligners right for me?

If you are an individual who is suffering from crooked, misaligned, front protruding, or irregularly spaced teeth within the mouth, then Invisalign could be perfect for you. At our dental clinic within Orpington we wish to accommodate the demand for subtle orthodontics, which is why many of our patients look to clear aligners if they do not wish for obvious dental work.

Our target audience

Many of our patients who are interested in Invisalign may feel as if obvious dental work (such as more intrusive metal wires and brackets) could deem them as looking unprofessional when pursuing their careers. Also, despite common misconception, Invisalign is not only suitable for patients who are looking for first time orthodontics. They may also be used as an ‘orthodontic refresh’ for patients who have failed to retain the results of their previous dental work, such as conventional metal braces as a teenager, because of not maintaining the use of retainers.

What are the benefits of receiving Invisalign?

Clear aligners at our dental clinic are placed within the ‘cosmetic dentistry’ category, which we believe speaks for itself. Clear aligners have the benefit of appearing completely invisible, this means they are considered as aesthetically pleasing by many individuals, which can be a huge plus for patients who do not want anyone to know they are receiving orthodontic work!

How can Invisalign help improve your oral health?

Many of our patients may be aware of the huge aesthetic benefits Invisalign can have during and after treatment, however they may not be aware that receiving clear aligners can help improve their dental health. Straighter teeth lead to a more confident smile (due to the increased levels of self-esteem our patients experience) however they also reduce the chances of plaque and tartar build-up.

Preventing the onset of oral diseases and infections

Crooked or misaligned teeth can make it even harder to clean your teeth to an adequate standard. Straighter teeth make it even easier to prevent the accumulation of tartar, therefore reducing your risk of developing unpleasant oral issues.

Why choose us to receive your dental implants in Orpington?

Our dental clinic in Orpington was established more than twenty years ago, and has continued to deliver a high standard of customer and dental care ever since. Our dental clinic adopts a patient centred approach, this means we place the well-being of our patients and their dental health at the heart of everything we do.


Our clinic is proud to say we attract many loyal patients, and even cater to families of multiple generations. We aim to accommodate all of our patients’ dental needs, which is why we provide private dental care for our adult patients, however we also make NHS care available for patients under the age of eighteen.

Our promise to you

If you are considering dental implants in Orpington this could be considered as a large emotional and financial investment, especially for patients who experience anxiety within a dental environment, which is why it is important to choose the right practice. Our dentist in Orpington strives to promote several positive ideals in all of the dental work we deliver. We not only keep our dental clinic welcoming, comfortable and clean to a very high standard, but we also embrace the latest modern developments in dental technology. We keep the health of our patients up to par by using a fifteen point system, whilst offering a gentle yet passionate approach in our dentistry to our new, and pre-registered patients.

What are dental implants in Orpington?

At our dental clinic we offer dental implants as a form of restorative dentistry for those patients who have lost teeth and wish to have a more permanent replacement. Dental implants are titanium screws (typically less than one centimetre long) which aim to mimic the natural tooth’s root within the mouth. Dental implants can not only be used to support single porcelain crowns,  they can also be used as a stable fixture for bridges, and whole rows of porcelain crowns within the mouth.

What to expect from the treatment process

Many individuals may be aware of this popular and long lasting form of tooth replacement, however they may not be aware of what to expect from the treatment process. Much like any dental treatment at our clinic, dental implants always start with an initial consultation.

What happens during an initial consultation?

During an initial consultation patients can expect to work with our dental healthcare professionals to distinguish the best possible course of treatment for themselves. Aside from a discussion about the chosen treatment, our dentists may also administer a thorough examination of the affected area.

The first step to achieving your dream smile

Once we have decided that implantology is best for you, we can start your treatment. The dental implant itself is inserted within the jawbone. During the healing process, which can take from around three to six months, a temporary fixture can be attached, to ensure that your physical appearance is never compromised.

The healing process

Once the dental implant has fully fused with the bone, the permanent fixture can be attached! Despite the healing process taking several months, once the custom-made crown is adhered, this can last for many years.

Why choose our dental clinic to receive your dental treatment?

Our experienced dental team all understand that choosing a dental clinic can be extremely difficult, especially with such a wide range of options within the field of modern dentistry. Patients may choose our dentist to receive their general dentistry and white fillings in Orpington for a wide array of reasons, one of which may be due to our positive and upbeat approach to all forms of dentistry. Our highly skilled dental team takes pride in delivering a gentle and kind approach to all of our new, and pre-existing patients. Our clinic within Orpington has been established for more than twenty years, our high standard of dentistry attracts local patients due to our positive reputation within the local area.


A second perspective

Patient reviews are undeniably important for potential patients who may be considering visiting our dental clinic, this is why we display a wide range of patient reviews on our website, all of whom are happy with the dental treatment they have received. One example of our happy patient reviews is an individual who has received treatment from our principal dentist, thanking our team for enhancing her smile, therefore increasing her self-confidence!

Meet the team

The whole team at our clinic within Orpington are undeniably skilled at delivering a wide array of dental treatments, however our principal dentist could be argued as a key member of our dental team. Our principal dentist is Helen Loubster, she is a highly skilled dental professional who has completed further postgraduate study in cosmetic dentistry at the Eastman Dental School. In addition to Helen, we have other dentists, hygienists, dental nurses, and anaesthetists, as well as an excellent team of dental support staff.

Catering to all of our patients’ needs

At our dental clinic we offer general dentistry and white fillings in Orpington, we strongly believe that dental care should be available for everyone, no matter what the severity of their dental case, or their financial situation. Despite offering all of our patients high quality private dental care, we also understand that some of our younger patients may lean more towards dentistry under the National Health Service.

The general dentistry and white fillings in Orpington we offer our patients

Our clinic understands that general dentistry is just as important as cosmetic dental treatments. The general dentistry we offer our patients consists of emergency dental care, root canal therapy, and tooth extractions just to name a few! Aside from our general dental treatments, we also offer more discreet dentistry such as white fillings.

What are white fillings?

White fillings are essentially a form of dentistry that aims to fill cavities in the teeth, whilst maintaining a natural appearance. White fillings have the advantage of being able to attach to the side of the teeth, as well as matching the shade of the natural surrounding teeth. White fillings have risen greatly in popularity within recent years, and are now often chosen over traditional metal fillings, this may be due to the lack of mercury within white fillings.

Want to know more about teeth whitening? Four of your FAQs answered by Orpington Dental

It is a situation many people are familiar with; going on to social media to see photos posted from that day out with friends, to then notice how yellow their teeth look!


In modern society, it is fairly difficult to avoid enamel staining, even if you have a healthy diet and brush each day. Many fruit juices and commonly consumed drinks like coffee and tea are high in acids, which can stain the teeth, no matter how much you brush!

So, while you could vow to never consume coffee or fruit juice again, there is an easier solution to dental staining.

At Orpington Dental, our cosmetic team can offer all of our patients teeth whitening in Orpington, to remove deeply set stains from their tooth enamel in as little as 2 weeks! Using a mixture of tooth whitening in the surgery and techniques at home, we can gently remove stains from the enamel, without causing additional sensitivity or discomfort during the procedure.

Have some questions about how we manage that? Of course, you do! Here are some of your most commonly asked questions about teeth whitening in Orpington answered.

How long will the whitening last?

As much as we would like it to, dental whitening doesn’t last forever.

At Orpington Dental, once our dentist has whitened your teeth, we will provide you with a ‘top-up’ gel, so you can keep the whiteness of your teeth for as long as possible. However, if you consume a lot of fruit juice, coffee or tea, then the effects of the whitening could begin to fade in as little as one month.

I have fillings – can I have my teeth whitened?

Studies have found that whitening products used by dentists do not cause damage to either metal or composite fillings.

However, one issue with undertaking teeth whitening in Orpington if you have multiple tooth coloured fillings is that the composite will not lighten along with the teeth, creating an uneven look.

In this instance, our team will discuss with you alternative options to tooth whitening, such as refitting of fillings to match the new shade of your teeth or porcelain veneers.

How do you remove the stains without brushing?

Many people assume that deeply set stains are removed by dentists through excessive scrubbing; this would not only be uncomfortable for you but it would also be ineffectual.

In whitening today, oxidising gels are applied to the surface of the teeth, which remove deep-set stains without causing damage to the enamel or discomfort.

This process can lighten your teeth by up to 16 shades and can be completed in as little as one hour.

I have sensitive teeth – can I have my teeth whitened?

While it is possible to whiten sensitive teeth, our dental team does not recommend it.

If your sensitivity is caused by microscopic holes in your enamel, our whitening gels will inevitably seep into these cavities and hit the nerve of your tooth, causing you discomfort. A sensible alternative in this situation to traditional whitening is to have porcelain veneers fitted.

Are you worried about your dental hygiene?

Lots of people will put off going to see their dental practitioner for a check-up because it is time consuming or inconvenient, too expensive or too nerve-racking. When you put off attending your check-ups you are neglecting your teeth and risk losing them to decay and gum disease.


If you are worrying about your dental hygiene in Orpington then book an appointment to see one of our dental professionals. They will be able to fully assess the condition of your teeth and inform you if you require a scale and polish or if you need to be wary of gingivitis. At Orpington Dental we want you to leave our clinic with a healthy, fresh feeling mouth and strong teeth.

What is a scale and polish?

If you want to improve your dental hygiene in Orpington then having your hygienist carry out a scale and polish is a good place to start. Sometimes plaque can build up in certain areas of your mouth that are hard to reach when you are brushing, and this plaque can harden. Once the plaque has hardened it can thrive off the bacteria that is naturally found in your mouth, and this can lead to things such as gingivitis if it is left untreated.

Your hygienist will use special tools to remove this plaque to make sure that the enamel of your teeth remains undamaged. They will also clean the rest of your mouth, ensuring that there is no plaque build-up within the pockets of your gums, as this can cause the tissue that holds your teeth in place to become weaker over time. This is what damages your gums and prevents them from being able to hold your teeth in place.

Are there any symptoms of bad oral health?

Things such as gingivitis and gum disease do not always come with symptoms. They may be present for months before you eventually notice or until your dental practitioner informs you that you need to improve your dental hygiene in Orpington. Visiting your dental practice regularly will allow your dentist to spot any underlying problems that you have, but there are a few other telltale symptoms that you can look out for too.

If you have red or swollen gums then this is a common sign that something is wrong. Your gums should be a pale pink in colour, and they should not bleed when you brush your teeth either. Bleeding gums when you brush your teeth is a sign of gingivitis and gum disease, and it is recommended that you book an appointment with your practitioner as soon as possible to find out what is going on in your mouth.

Bad breath is another symptom of bad oral health, especially when it does not go away after brushing your teeth and using mouthwash. Having a furry tongue, receding gums or sensitive gums and teeth can all be signs of deteriorating oral hygiene too. In some cases your teeth can even start to become wobbly, as your gums become weaker and no longer hold your teeth as firmly in their places. 

Polishing up on tooth whitening in Orpington

Care, catered for you

tooth-whitening-orpingtonHere at Orpington Dental, we are a private dental clinic which applies a great deal of focus on ensuring that the services we provide are moulded around the needs of those who seek them. Rather than simply opting for the one-size-fits-all approach to dentistry, which has sadly become all too popular in numerous practices across the country, here at Orpington Dental, we take the time to connect with each of our patients on an individual level. We’ve found that by doing so, a vastly more formative and beneficial patient-practitioner relationship can flourish. We enjoy getting to know our patients, and giving them the smiles they deserve, through a comprehensive range of cosmetic dentistry options. Anyone who is seeking tooth whitening in Orpington, need look no further than our in-house team of expert cosmetic dentistry specialists to aid them on their dental journey.

Brightening up your day

Here at Orpington Dental, we understand the inherent social pressures that some people may feel due to having stained or discoloured teeth. Whether it has arisen through smoking, drinking tea, coffee or red wine, or from taking certain medications, we empathise with those who suffer from stained or discoloured teeth, and as such, provide a full range of tooth whitening in Orpington treatments to combat this. At Orpington Dental, we provide two specific methodologies of tooth whitening, which are catered around the requirements presented to us by each of our patients. These treatments are Power Whitening and Home Whitening, and both are explained in great detail prior to undertaking either of them, in order to allow patients to make an informed decision that will meet their expectations.

Power whitening

The first method of tooth whitening in Orpington that we offer is power whitening. This is carried out within our practice in Orpington, and is massively popular due to its almost instantaneous effect on the whiteness of a patient’s teeth. Those who opt for this method of treatment can expect to find years worth of detrimental staining eradicated from their teeth the very same day they seek treatment through us. The process of undertaking power whitening initially consists of a custom made mould being created of the contours of each patient’s teeth. A peroxide based whitening agent is then placed within this retainer, and inserted over the patient’s teeth. Thereafter, a specialist UV dental light is shone on the retainer, which activates the bleaching agent within the gel. After just one hour, the peroxide bleaching agent will have eradicated all the superficial stains on the patient’s teeth, and provided them with a brighter and healthier looking smile.

Home comforts

The other method of teeth whitening procedure we offer here at Orpington Dental, is home whitening. Unlike power whitening, the results of this form of treatment are not instantaneous. However, this is a vastly popular method of tooth whitening as it affords users the ability to undertake the process from the comfort of their own homes. The basis of the home whitening process initially consists of a custom made light-weight plastic retainer being created of each patient’s teeth. Thereafter, the patient can take this retainer home, and apply a thin layer of a peroxide-based whitening gel to the inside of it and then wear it for a few hours a day. Over the course of around two weeks, the bleaching agent within the gel will break down any superficial stains or damage to their teeth, resulting in them having a whiter and healthier appearing smile.

What is a mouth cancer screening and how can I try to prevent mouth cancer?

Mouth cancer is also known as oral cancer, and occurs when a tumour develops in the lining of the mouth. Mouth cancer can occur in a variety of places within the mouth, such as the cheeks, the tongue, as well as the roof of the mouth (commonly known as the palate). Tumours can also be found within the glands of the mouth, (that essentially produce saliva), as well as the tonsils and pharynx (part of the throat connecting the mouth to your windpipe).

Mouth Cancer Screening in OrpingtonA mouth cancer screening is essentially an examination undergone by one of our dental healthcare professionals, in order to attempt to spot the stages of mouth cancer early ( a form of preventative dentistry). During a mouth cancer screening, certain areas of the mouth will be assessed and analysed.

There are a variety of steps our patients can take in order to prevent mouth cancer from occurring. One lifestyle choice you can make is to limit the amount of alcohol you consume (for example, not consuming more than the recommended weekly amount). Smoking can also be a huge factor in reducing the chances of oral cancer from occuring. One other lifestyle factor, which can greatly affect your chances of developing mouth cancer, is your diet; consuming plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as fish and oils (also known as a Mediterranean diet) can help to prevent cancer.

What are the symptoms of mouth cancer?

One obvious signs of oral cancer can be mouth ulcers, which may be sore and last for several weeks without going away (like normal mouth ulcers). Lumps within the mouth may also be a symptom; these are typically unexplained and do not go away. Lumps within the neck, looseness of teeth, as well as a strange feeling within the lips, are also symptoms.

What can I expect from a mouth cancer screening?

During your mouth screening with us, you may either have some expectations or have no idea what to expect. Essentially, the process is simple, and relatively quick, however it is  important, and should be undergone twice a year.

Your mouth screening will be extremely shorter than you expect, and you will be assessed using a hand held device to check for any lumps or lesions you may have. Using this hand held device will check for any potential risk factors, which means a correct treatment can be diagnosed by us as quickly as possible.

Why is it important for me to see the dentist?

Mouth cancer is extremely dangerous; this is why it is important to visit us regularly for check-ups, and if you have anything you view as a concern (such as a small lump or ulcer) then it is recommended that you see us straight away. It is vital for our patients to learn how to detect the signs and symptoms of mouth cancer early, in order to ensure the health of your mouth, and decrease the risk of developing cancer.